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  • At the start of the game, you will receive 10 candies that you will use throughout the game.
  • You can't eat the candies until the end of the game.
  • You will be in groups of 4 Then, each of you needs to choose an animal token that will represent you throughout the game.
  • When everyone has chosen their token, the first member of the team must roll the dice.
  • If the die lands on the number two you must move your token to square two.
  • In each square you will find a situation that you must avoid, survive or improve, but you can only do so if you choose the correct answer.
  • But how will you know if you answered correctly? If the answer you chose moves, you have the right answer! You passed the challenge and you can stay in your box
  • But if the answer you chose disappears, you lose! In this case, you must move back two squares and give a piece of candy to each person on your team.
  • Concentrate! You must pass each challenge.
  • At this moment the candies are your lives, don't lose them! 💡





past simple


Roll the Die

Restar game

past continuos

past Perfect

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An earthquake shakes the ground; only accurate answers will stabilize Jumanji's jungle.

She ____ a new job last month.

a) gets

b) got

c) getting

d) get

A mysterious puzzle blocks the entrance to the next phase of Jumanji; only correct answers will solve it

Where ____ your parents last summer?

a) ARE




A magical vine wraps around you; only precise answers will set you free.

By the time we got to the airport, the plane _____.

a) leaves

b) has left

c) leave

d) had left

You stand before a magical mirror; only precise answers will reveal the truth.

They ____ already left when I arrived at the party.

a) are

c) were

b) is

d) had

A magical tornado of leaves is looming; only the correct answer can stop it.

She didn't ____ the movie yesterday.

a) SEE



You´re lost in the jumanji jungle, and only correct answers will guide you back home.

You face a stampede of rhinos; only precise answers will let you dodge them.

He ____ his car in the garage.

a) parks

b) parking

c) park

c) parked

You're trapped in Jumanji's house; only the right questions will open the doors and set you free.

What ____ you in the park yesterday?

a) DO




You're surrounded by jaguar statues; only precise answers will unlock the next phase.

Before she arrived, he ____ the whole bottle of wine.

a) drinks

b) Had drunk

c) has drunk

d) drank

You're in a cave full of echoes; only precise answers will resonate correctly and show the way.

While I ____ a book, the phone rang.

a) read

b) was reading

c) read

d) reading

A giant chessboard blocks progress; only correct answers will move the pieces correctly.

She ____ a book while waiting for the train.

a) reads

b) was reading

c) read

d) is reading

A roar echoes in the distance; only accurate answers will prevent an encounter with Jumanji's beast.

We ____ (play) video games yesterday at 3 o'clock.

a) were

b) were palying

c) was play

An echo of drums resonates; only correct answers will appease the spirits of the jungle.

I ____ never seen such a beautiful sunset before that day.

a) am

b) was

c) were

d) had

A swarm of bats surrounds you; only accurate answers will let you escape.

Where ____ you born?

a) are

b) were

d) be

c) am

A magical door requires a code; only correct answers will open it.

When I arrived, they ____ for over an hour.

a) were waiting

b) have been waiting

c) had been waiting

d) waited

A rain of mischievous monkeys is coming; only correct answers will calm them.

She ____ to Paris two years ago.

a) goes

b) going

c) went

d) gone

A puzzle of magical crystals blocks your path; only accurate answers will open the door.

What ____ before you decided to change careers?

a) did you do

b) were you doing

c) have you done

d) were you done

You're trapped in a maze of illusions; only precise answers will reveal the true way out.

He ____ on the project for hours before he realized he was using the wrong data.





You´re lost in the jumanji jungle, and only correct answers will guide you back home.

You're in a field of poisonous vines; only correct answers will let you advance safely.

While it was raining, they ____ a movie at home.

a) watches

b) were watching

c) watched

d) watch

A giant log blocks the trail; only accurate answers will make it disappear.

By the time the concert started, they ____ for three hours.

a) have been waiting

b) were waiting

c) had been waiting

d) wait

You´re lost in the jumanji jungle, and only correct answers will guide you back home.

You´re lost in the jumanji jungle, and only correct answers will guide you back home.

A magical mist hides the path; only accurate answers will reveal the right route.

While she ____ her homework, her friends were playing outside.

a) had doing

b) do

c) did

d) does

A shadowy enigma hangs over you; only correct answers will dispel the darkness.

who ____ the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954?

a) wins

b) win

d) winnig

c) won

A constant drumming threatens to attract mysterious creatures; only accurate answers will stop it.

I ____ my homework while you were playing video games.

a) finish

c) finished

b) finishing

d) finishes

The mysterious hourglass is running out; answer correctly, or be trapped in Jumanji's time.

I ____ all the cookies by the time you got home.

a) eat

d) eats

b) eating

c) had eaten

A pterodactyl flies toward you; only accurate answers will avoid its attack.

Yesterday, he ____ his keys at home.

a) forget

b) forgets

c) forgot

d) forgetting

A furious river blocks your path; only correct answers will let you cross the bridge safely.

I realized I ____ my phone at home after I got to work.

a) forget

b) forgetting

d) forgets

c) HAD forgotTEN

You face a speed challenge with swift monkeys; only correct answers will let you win the race.

The train ____ before we reached the station.

a) leaves

b) had left

c) leaving

d) leave

A magical door requires a code; only correct answers will open it.

What ____ you do last night?

a) are

b) were

c) did

d) do

A quicksand trap activates; only accurate answers will keep you safe.

What ____ when the earthquake struck?

a) you do

c) have you done

b) were you doing

d) did you do

You face a puzzle of carnivorous plants; only correct answers will prevent them from trapping you

I ____ my homework last night.

a) did

b) do

c) done

d) doing

You're in a labyrinth of snakes; only precise answers will guide you to the exit.

I ____ never ____ such a difficult exam in my life before that one.

a) have/taken

b) had/taken

c) have take

d) had take

A magical portal opens before you; only correct answers will take you to the next level of Jumanji.

He ____ to many countries before he turned 30.

a) has been

b) had been

c) is

d) have

Before she moved to London, she ____ in Paris for five years.

a) lived

b) has lived

c) had lived

A swarm of giant mosquitoes approaches; only precise answers can fend them off.