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How the 1966 Texas western basketball team affected segregation I'm college basketball

Historical context

  1. 1966
  2. Segregation in college sports
  3. Civil rights movement
  4. Vietnam
  5. Brown v board

Willie worsley

“I’m the number one person to go out on the court. Some of them urinated on me and threw coke syrup. Coke was sticky. I’m from the south Bronx, I’m a fighter. The bigger you are, I’m coming after you,” -Willie Worsley.

Important People

  • Bobby joe hill
  • Orsten Artis
  • Willie worsley
  • Harry flourney
  • David Lattin
  • Don Haskins


The importance of the 1966 Texas western team is that there were the first college basketball team to win the NCAA championship starting 5 African American players. They challenged the ideas of white players being better than black players by beating an all white Kentucky team in the finals. They opened the door to African Americans to play college basketball


The impact of the 1966 basketball team was seen almost immediately when the first African American player signed to play in the sec just months later. The person it who signed was perry Wallace. The rise,of African American players in college basketball continually happened over the next years by 1972 all SEC teams were intergrated