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Comic created by Rana Mohammed wiht ChatGPT and Adobe firefly

Whispers in the Dark

This better be worth the trip.
LENA, an investigative journalist, receives an anonymous letter inviting her to a decaying mansion.
A small, eerie town shrouded in mist.
"He who summoned them thought he could control the shadows, but they hunger for more."
EERIE WHISPERS: (heard faintly)
Leave... or join us.
She stumbles upon an old diary revealing a dark history.
Lena explores the mansion, discovering unsettling artifacts and encountering strange occurrences.
Embrace the darkness. Become one with us.
SHADOWS: (whispering menacingly)
This can't be real!
The mansion transforms into a nightmarish realm. She must now confront the shadows that hunger for her soul.
Lena unknowingly unleashes malevolent shadows from the diary.
There is a way to bind them again, but it comes at a price.
Help me. I didn't mean for this to happen.
I summoned them to seek revenge, but now they are beyond my control.
Lena seeks help from a mysterious figure within the mansion - a ghostly figure with a tragic past.
The mist outside the mansion lifts, revealing a town restored to normalcy. Lena, shaken but alive, leaves the mansion, haunted by the whispers in the dark.
Thank you. Find the light... before it's too late.
she manages to seal the shadows back into the diary, but the ghostly figure sacrifices itself to ensure her escape.
I won't let the darkness take me. There has to be a way out.
Lena faces a choice - either embrace the shadows and become part of the haunting or find a way to escape the mansion before it consumes her.