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Film Noir


Film Noir’s codes and conventionsFilm noir has an unmissable visual style.

  • Black and white (typical of the time)
  • Dark, low-key, chiaroscuro lighting
  • Harsh shadows
  • High-contrast mise en scene
  • Ominous cinematography influenced by German Expressionism
  • Voice-over narration
  • Allusion over depictions (sex, violence etc.)
  • Significant and telling iconography
  • A femme fatale
  • An anti-hero protagonist (typically male)
  • Direct, simple dialogue
  • Figure of authority (e.g. a police officer or lawyer)

what are the sub genres of a film noir film? film noir films consist of many different sub genres like, gothic romance gangster crime social picture


It quite literally translates to ‘dark film’ in French. There is often a debate as to whether film noir is a film type or genre. However, what we do know for sure is that there was a period in American cinema in which there was a series of films which typically adopted a dark, chiaroscuro lighting appearance, a narrative which centres on crime, and a moral lesson.

What is noir in film?


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abandoned is a film noir film with sub genres of drama and crime. it is about an investigation on the process in which babies are getting kidnapped and sold and follows the story of a mother who is with the investigator helping them to locater her baby.

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meet the cast

Dennis O'Keefe

Jeff ChandlerRaymond Burr Gale StormMeg Randall

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