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Welcome Nogin Nerds!Come learn who we are, what we're about, and what we offer!






In 2010, Jan Nugent and Geoff Van Haeren assembled a team to develop a revolutionary e-commerce platform that would go on to change the way brands do online retail as well as the entire online shopping experience. Our services include creative design, photography, customer service, marketing, brand management, warehouse and fulfillment, technology, merchant services, and fraud protection to name a few.

At Nogin, we consistently deliver innovation across all critical business areas because our high-performing, nimble, enterprise platform allows for next-generation improvements, automation, and efficiencies. From driving traffic to optimizing conversion - WE HANDLE ALL ASPECTS OF E-COMMERCE.

  • Human ResourcesHR@nogin.com
  • Information Technologyhelpdesk@nogin.com
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Headquarters 1775 Flight Way Suite 400 Tustin, CA 92782 Photo Studio 1031 S. Broadway Suite 350 Los Angeles, CA 90015 Fulfillment Centers

  • PA: 2250 Roswell Drive Suite 200 Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Nogin's Executive Team

CTOShoab Khan

President, CEO, and Chairman of the BoardJon Huberman

CFO and COOShahriyar Rahmati

Nogin's Clients

Some of these clients have been with us for 10+ years, while others just joined in 2023! We are proud of our client relationships and pride ourselves with the services Nogin has to offer.

Nogin's 2022 Growth

Check out our Nogin Blog for more recent developments!

HR Self Service Solutions

Providing Self Service Solutions

    • Personal Info
    • Pay and Taxes
    • Timecard
    • Company Links
    • Learning Platform
    • Anti-harrasment training

    • Signature Requests
    • Career Opportunites

    Hourly Employees can clock in and out to accurately report their work hours and meal breaks

    Review Company Links for quick and commonly used resources

    Request time off and review your time off balances

    Download the ADP App!

    • Review and request edits to your timecard
    • Update your personal information, taxes, direct deposit, etc.
    • Access pay statements, company links, and more!

    Signature Request will appear in Announcements

    Non-exempt - Work Time Pay Records

    Team Members are required and responsible for:

    • Accurately recording daily time worked
      • Time indicates beginning of work time and ending of work time, as well as time used for meal breaks
    • Obtaining pre-approval for all exceptions

    Supervisors/Managers are required and responsible for:

    • Certifying the accuracy of all time recorded
    • Pre-approving overtime
    • Pre-approving vacation
    • Auditing, reviewing, and approving timecards in ADP
    • Providing forms as requested by HR

    HR is responsible to adhere to federal and states wage and hour laws.

    Overtime Non-Exempt State Requirements

    • A normal workday consists of 8 consecutive hours of work with an unpaid meal period of at least 30 minutes.
    • For overtime purposes the normal workweek begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday.
    • Vacation, public holidays, sick etc. are not considered hours worked for overtime calculations.
    • Overtime pay is based on actual hours worked
      • Overtime in CA is calculated daily (>8) hrs. & weekly (>40) hrs.
      • Other states overtime is calculated weekly (>40) hrs.
      • Working weekends does not mean automatic overtime pay
      • Please get approval for any overtime worked after 1 hour


    • Complete Onboarding Tasks
      • Sign company policies in BambooHR
      • Complete tax forms and direct deposit information in ADP
      • Upload I-9 documents in ADP
    • Ethena: Anti-Harassment Training
      • Due within the first 30-days
      • Complete during work hours
      • Mobile-friendly training

    Contact Us!

    Human Resourceshr@nogin.com949-864-8136Information Technologyhelpdesk@nogin.com

    We appreciate your time! Questions or feedback?