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Learning Paths

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2024 Course Catalog

Learning Paths

The On-the-Job Coach

Learning Path #1

The Professional Coach

Learning Path #2

Continuing Education for the Practicing Coach

Learning Path #3

Application Process

Step 1

Identify your learning path

Step 2

Apply using the application link.

Step 4

Receive notification of admission decision within two weeks

Complete 1:1 call with lead professor


Step 3

Click on the plus sign to follow the link.

Upon acknowledgement of acceptance into the Academy and receipt of tuition payment, you will automatically be enrolled in your learning path and will be emailed your log-in to credentials to access the virtual campus.

Step 5

Attention, Aspiring Coaches!

Hello and welcome. :)As a prospective student, we understand that finding the right coach training school can be overwhelming. That's why we're here to walk you through everything you need to know about our online academy, where passion meets purpose.Whether you're a passionate individual seeking a fulfilling career or a professional looking to expand your skillset, our academy offers a comprehensive learning experience designed to equip you as a coach. With our completely self-paced learning path or hybrid learning path leading to a coaching credential, you have the freedom to choose the approach that suits you best. Whether you thrive in a structured environment or prefer to set your own pace, we've got you covered. No matter which path you choose, one thing is certain: you will never feel overwhelmed or confused. Our commitment to your success means that you will receive guidance and coaching every step of the way. We stand by our guarantee that in just 10 weeks or less, you will gain the skills and competencies needed to become a high-impact, high-earning coach. If for any reason you don't achieve this milestone, we will continue working with you 1:1 for free until you do. It's time to embark on a transformative journey towards becoming the coach you were meant to be. Let's light up the world, together.

Amanda Espinosa

The Virtual Campus

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The Library

Interactive Stories

The Library is a treasure trove for coaches seeking to refine your coaching skills in a low-risk environment. Within its virtual shelves lie a collection of interactive stories that offer coaches the perfect opportunity to practice and enhance your abilities. These stories are designed to simulate real-life coaching scenarios, allowing you to navigate through various challenges and dilemmas that you may encounter in your coaching journey. By immersing yourself in these interactive narratives, you can experiment with different coaching techniques, strategies, and approaches, all without the fear of making mistakes or negatively impacting your clients. Your can test your communication skills, decision-making abilities, and problem-solving prowess, gaining valuable insights and lessons along the way. The Library presents coaches with a safe space to explore, learn, and grow, ensuring that when you step into the real coaching arena, you are well-prepared and equipped to guide your clients towards success.

The Study Hall

A collection of learning resources

The Study Hall contains valuable resources to enhance your skills and knowledge and support your professional development.Study guides offer comprehensive and in-depth insights into various coaching methodologies and strategies, providing you with a solid foundation to build upon. Job aids offer step-by-step instructions or tips on specific coaching techniques, helping you navigate common challenges you may encounter in your practice. Infographics serve as visually engaging resources, distilling complex concepts into easily digestible and memorable visuals. Videos provide dynamic and interactive learning experiences, offering demonstrations, discussions, and real-world examples that bring coaching theories to life. Access the Study Hall to expand your expertise and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

The Game Room

Fun and engaging ways to test your understanding

The Game Room is a haven for coaches looking to enhance their coaching skills while having fun at the same time. The Game Room offers a wide array of interactive quizzes designed specifically to allow you to put your knowledge to the test and challenge yourself in various areas of coaching. From attracting your ideal coaching clients, to powerful questioning, the quizzes cover a broad range of topics that are relevant to coaches of all levels. Whether you are a seasoned coach or just starting out, these quizzes provide a valuable opportunity to assess your current coaching abilities and identify areas for improvement. Not only are these quizzes informative and educational, but they also make the learning process enjoyable and engaging. Visit The Game Room to sharpen your coaching skills in a fun and interactive way.

The Chat Room

A community of learning

The Chat Room serves as a versatile and dynamic discussion board, creating a collaborative environment where coaches can come together to interact, share ideas, and learn from one another. This virtual space offers a unique platform for coaches from various backgrounds, experiences, and expertise to connect and engage in meaningful conversations. It allows for the exchange of valuable insights, strategies, and best practices in coaching, fostering a sense of community and professional growth. Through the Chat Room, coaches can gain exposure to different coaching methodologies, expand your knowledge base, and stay updated on the latest industry trends. The interactive nature of the chat room encourages active participation, enabling coaches to ask questions, seek advice, and engage in thought-provoking discussions. Whether it's brainstorming innovative coaching techniques or seeking guidance on challenging scenarios, The Chat Room serves as an invaluable resource for coaches to enhance your skills and elevate your coaching practice to new heights.

The Classroom

Live, virtual instruction

The Classroom serves as a dynamic and engaging space where coaches come together to expand your knowledge and enhance your skills. In this virtual instructor-led environment, technology bridges the gap between physical distance and creates an immersive learning experience. Coaches can connect with one another from different corners of the world, bringing diverse perspectives and experiences into the classroom. The virtual platform offers a wide range of interactive tools, such as live video conferencing, chat features, and multimedia presentations, enabling coaches to actively participate in live discussions, ask questions, and share insights. Moreover, the virtual classroom provides flexibility, allowing you to fit learning into your busy schedule without the need for extensive travel. With the guidance of expert instructors, you can delve into various topics, explore new coaching methodologies, and foster a deeper understanding of your profession. The Classroom is a space where coaches come together to learn, grow, and collaborate, empowering yourselves to make a positive impact in your coaching practice.

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"On-the-Job" Coach

Learning Path #1

If your goal is to gain the skills you need to succeed or advance in your career, elevate your transferrable skills in the workforce and/or improve your career prospects, enroll as a Learning Path #1 student (monthly or annual subscription), and retain access to existing and newly-added learning content. You will also earn a completion certificate after each completed course to add to your resume/CV. Ideal for: organizational leaders (managers, supervisors, etc.). employed coaches, educators, social workers, human and social service professionalsCost: $49/month or $499/year (save $89) for unlimited access to self-paced and live contentFor businesses, please contact at thelightworkersacademyonline@gmail.com for a custom quote.

"The Professional Coach"

Learning Path #2

Professional coaches get paid specifically to provide coaching services. If your goal is to build your own coaching practice and be a high-earning, high-impact coach, Learning Path #2 is for you.Enroll in the full 10-week program and receive a Professional Coach certificate, as well as 1:1 and group coaching aimed at supporting you to obtain 3 high-impact client case studies to jumpstart your high-earning private coaching practice. Includes business-builder and coaching supports.Ideal for: individuals who wish to become self-employed coaches Cost: $4,500 (USD) one-time tuition for certificate program, 1:1 and group coaching, and client case studies

"Continuing Education for the Practicing Coach"

Learning Path #3

If your goal is to remain current with your coaching credential(s) by completing coach-specific professional development training, enroll as a Learning Path #3 student (monthly or annual subscription), and retain access to existing and newly-added learning content. You will also earn a completion certificate after each completed course.Ideal for: Current, practicing coaches who have formerly completed coach training and hold a coaching credentialCost: $49/month or $499/year (save $89) for unlimited access to self-paced and live content