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Update 23-121E

"Use Office Address" Checkbox Tutorial

Learn background of this policy

Learn steps to correctly use contact checkbox

Learn about CalSAWS functionality

What's next?

So what?

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In this training, you will learn...

Tutorial Objectives

Update 22-35

Previously, the "Use Office Address" checkbox on the Address Detail page in CalSAWS was not to be used as the functionality did not align with the established practices in RAU for homeless mail.


EWs will use the "Use Office Address" checkbox for newly reported homeless cases needing to use homeless mailing address.

RAU is updating how it manages homeless mail by integrating the "Use Office Address" checkbox in CalSAWS.

What is changing?

New Practices


What happens after

the checkbox has been selected?

What happens when





CalSAWS Process




How do we utilize the "Use Office Address" checkbox?

EWs are responsible for completing the SJ 78 process with existing homeless clients.

RAU staff will update list of cases provided that currently use agency homeless mail.

Where do we go from here?

Next Steps

Once SJ 78 process is complete, add a new Physical Address record in CalSAWS using the HSA Main Office address.

"Use Office Address" Step 1


Add a new Mailing Address record in CalSAWS. If the homeless client reports not having a mailing address, then add the new record utilizing the "Use Office Address" checkbox.

"Use Office Address" Step 2


The document will open as PDF ready to print. CalSAWS will automatically track the print history. Check the red square icon by the date column to view history.

On the Print Reason pop up window, select "Print for Participant" as the Print Reason and click the "Submit" button.

On the Document Detail page, click the "Reprint Locally" button.

Go to the Distributed Documents Search page, find the correspondence and click the "Details" button.

To print "Hold for Pickup" status correspondence, follow these guidelines:

"Hold for Pickup" Print Guide

RAU Process

Client Responsibility

EW Process

Reported Change

An example of how to put this process into practice...

Let's Recap

For additional clarification, please reference Update 23-121E.

Thank You!

Client comes in to HSA to check their homeless mail, as they are responsible to check each week.

Homeless clients may have a separate mailing address. If so, enter their reported mailing address and do NOT utilize the "Use Office Address" checkbox.

Once primary applicant's mailing address is set to "Use Office Address"...

EWs are to continue to Print Centrally when generating & saving documents as this will place them in hold status.

When documents are placed in this status, they can only be printed locally.

By using the "Use Office Address" checkbox in CalSAWS...

it will cause all future generated correspondence to be placed in "Hold for Pickup" status instead of having the documents print centrally.
RAU staff will update mailing addresses of currently active cases already utilizing agency homeless mail.
The client reports to EW over the phone that they are now homeless.
Print History
EW goes over the SJ 78 verbally and updates addresses in CalSAWS.Next, EW sends printed copy of SJ 78 to the client's physical homeless mail file in RAU with intent for client to sign and return when they next pickup their mail.

FML 23-89

EWs need to promptly give and clarify updated SJ 78, Homeless Households Mail Pick-Up, for all homeless clients at first case opportunity.
Do not check the "Use Office Address" checkbox for the Physical Address.

333 E. Washington St., Stockton, CA 95202

HSA Main Office Address

RAU has client sign SJ 993 Homeless Mail File Card as proof of client's visit to pick up their mail.

RAU also checks in the physical homeless mail file.

RAU looks in CalSAWS case and follows print instructions for unprinted correspondence in "Hold for Pickup" status.