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Folleto. GA1-240202501-AA1-EV03

Cindy Thomas Orozco

1129 519 520

Jeni Paola Hernandez Lopez

Analisis & Desarrollo Software Sena

Tolima - Colombia14 Noviembre de 2023

The technological training program in Software Analysis and Development is focused ondevelopment of skills around the activities inherent to the process of creatingcomputer applications, by the functional and technical requirements for abusiness solution, establishing individual and teamwork methods, enhancing theethical, professional, and personal values for the benefit of society and competitivenessfrom the country.Because it is a program in the Information Technology and Technology sector,Communication presents a high relevance and demand in the country's business sector; allonce software and IT services are seen as one of the world-class sectors.

Programan Information

Personal information

My name is Cindy Thomas. I am 36 years old. I was in Barranquilla and graduated in Public Administration from the University of Panama. I am currently studying English. I have five years of experience in Human Resources. I know confidentiality tests using the Polygraphy tool. I am the oldest of 4 children. I am a single mother. I have one son, his name is Daniel. He is 13 years old, and my daughter is two years -old. Her name is Hadassah. In my free time, I like to walk and cook.

My expectations in this course are to acquire skills that allow me to put them into practice in my professional life, increasing my knowledge to perform better in ​​technology. In addition, it is a crucial tool today because technology is already part of our lives, helps us streamline processes, and gives us better performance in terms of time and work.

My Expectation


Studying is an essential tool in our life as it gives us knowledge and skills that perhaps we did not know, and this is a helpful way to train ourselves in a flexible way that helps us achieve the goals or purposes that we have planned in our lives.