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Competent Authorities

The Appendix D of the International Air Transport Association's Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), titled 'Competent Authorities,' lists the country-specific authorities responsible for dangerous goods and those responsible for radioactive materials.

The Appendix D1, titled 'Competent Authorities,' lists country-specific authorities responsible for dangerous goods and relies on information provided by each state to IATA.

Appendix D1: Competent Authorities for Dangerous Goods - Country-Specific Responsibilities


D.2 Competent Authorities for Radioactive MaterialsThe following list of National Competent Authorities responsible for approvals and authorizations concerning the transport of radioactive materials is based on information provided by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna and incorporates subsequent amendments notified directly to IATA.

It indicates by country, what are their contacts and their international code.

Where known, the International Vehicle Registration Code number is given in parentheses after the name of each country. In some cases, the ISO code is shown, identified by an asterisk. The agencies listed are responsible for transportation by all means unless stated otherwise.