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Consumer Sales Representative

  • 5 months in role
  • In this role, I served as a first point of contact for customers calling in with a variety of questions/needs on the Build w/ Ferguson website. I consistently exceeded monthly sales goals and other KPIs while continuing to focus on my professional development. Some areas where I took initiative included serving as a resource for fellow employees by maintaining a presence in Help/Chat rooms and implementing horizontal leadership, where I shared knowledge, provided guidance, and served as a positive role model. I was enrolled in a leadership development program (BluePrint) to enhance my leadership abilities and skill set. I served on a weekend rotation with supervisors to assist fellow associates with questions and overrides. I also took it upon myself to reach out to new classes of Consumer Sales and Customer Experience Representatives to serve as a resource and answer questions they might not have felt comfortable asking in a larger group.

Sales Team Manager (Customer Experience)

  • 1 year in role
  • As a Sales Team Manager, I was responsible for supervising a remote team of 16+ associates while indirectly guiding a larger team of 300+ associates across four time zones. My role involved collaborating with peers to ensure our team members consistently established customer rapport, effectively performed upsell/cross-sell techniques, and consistently met monthly sales targets. I led my team through daily ambiguous situations to resolve customer issues and provide effective solutions. By working closely with stakeholders, I developed strategies to eliminate bottlenecks and anticipate potential risks. I also assisted in the development of comprehensive training and coaching plans covering various aspects, such as rapport development, sales techniques, product knowledge, and leadership development, resulting in quantifiable enhancements in team and departmental performance.

Sales Project Manager

  • 1.5 years in role
  • As Sales Project Manager for Sales and Sales Support, I oversee and manage special projects that have a significant impact on Sales & Sales Support as well as our Sales Centers in the field. I work closely with leaders from various divisions across the enterprise to identify and address specific needs aligned with organizational strategic plans for a team of over 700+ associates and leaders across multiple divisions. My responsibilities include creating and maintaining complex project plans, overseeing execution, coordinating changes, and ensuring efficient communication and change management across divisions. In addition, I have successfully initiated and managed internal process and improvement projects, as well as fostered collaboration and consistency across departments. Notable work includes continued implementation of initiatives generated from our Engagement Action Team that impact the Sales & Sales Support division & its associates, the All-Sales Center Recognition Program, Mentor/Mentee Programs, strategic planning, and numerous additional projects.