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Bailey Smith


Learning the 50 states

Learning objective: After today's lesson, each student will be able to identify the 13 colonies along with the cardinal directions. Students will also begin to label the 50 states within the map of the US.

3. Labeling a map

2. The Cardinal directions

1. The 13 colonies came before the 50 states

what to know

First, lets learn where they began

Learning the 50 states

The 13 Colonies

1. Virginia (1607): 2. Massachusetts (1620)3. New Hampshire (1623)4. Maryland (1634)5. Connecticut (1636):6. Rhode Island (1636) 7. Delaware (1638)8. North Carolina (1653)9. South Carolina (1670)10. New York (1664)11. New Jersey (1664)12. Pennsylvania (1681)13. Georgia (1733)

Put these states in order!

Important question

50 states song

Let's label the states!

To the right!


To the left!




Remember, up!

Cardinal directions


Try the map as much as you can..when you're finished please send in your time to me!

See you tomorrow! Great work today!

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