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Your 8th Grade Team Newsletter

The Marking Period Minute

Happy Fall, Ya'll!

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TEam Expectations

Happy Fall, Y'all! We're officially inside of the second Marking Period, everyone! WOW! Great work for reaching this milestone within the year and for having the daily persistence that you've shown as eighth graders. There are so many places to connect and I'm sure you are already familiar with your favorites! Keep attending class and stay in touch with us so we can make 8th grade the best year yet! 💻📞💬📧

Teachers look forward to class each day with you. We enjoy the interactions that we have during class and the opportunities to guide you in learning.Without your participation, your engagement, your comments and ideas, why come? Why attend? Your teachers offer synchronous instruction all day, every day, with the intention of learning together, participating and working through challenges with your peers. Continue to join us and learn, and when you come, arrive ready to participate!



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Major kudos to our extraordinary students on Team D! Check out what your classmates have been up to windows below.

Student Spotlights

Nick R.

Laina W.

Ivy D.

Cassidy B.

Nick was recently inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. When asked how being a part of NJHS helps him move closer to his goals as a student, Nick said, "Being part of NJHS helps me move closer to my goals of being a student by giving me motivation to continue to strive for excellence." 🎉Congratulations, Nick! We're proud of you!🎉

Laina participates in dance and has done so for years. Her favorite memory from dance was performing with her jazz team to the music piece Mission Impossible. Laina remembers that a time when she overcame her nerves to dance in front of others was when she stood backstage and looked into the audience and saw 600 to 700 people, she simply decided to go for it! 💃🏼Way to go, Laina! Keep on dancing, girl! 🎶

Cassidy was recently inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. When asked how being a part of NJHS helps her move closer to her goals as a student, Cassidy said, "It helps me because I feel the need to be the best version of me, [and] it helps me want to keep my grades up and work my hardest." 🎉Congratulations, Cassidy! We're proud of you!🎉

Ivy participates in an orchestra and has done so for 4 years. What she loves about orchestra is her ability to make music, especially with her peers. She finds the experience both entertaining and pleasant to listen to. Ivy loves the feeling of accomplishment during a concert and can literally hear the outcome of the collective practice of each and every orchestra member. 🎻 Beautiful sentiments, Ivy! Keep making meaningful music!🎻

Classroom Happenings


U.S. History



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Mrs. Saul's ELA classes have been reading the play The Diary of Anne Frank and roleplaying the characters who were forced into hiding in 1945. Mrs. Saul is so proud of the kids for their participation in Reader's Theater during Act 1! After the play, we'll move ahead with researching a topic and completing a research paper all in the month of December. Participation and staying caught up will be important for students to complete their papers before the Winter Break. I'm confident that we can do it!

In U.S. History, we have been learning about the founding of the 13 colonies and what life was like for the early settlers under British rule. In the second marking period, we will focus on our writing with a Document Based Question and an Editorial project. We will also be diving into the causes of the Revolutionary War and the war itself. Mrs. Alexeichik is looking forward to more fun and games in US History, as well as, sharing her favorite songs from the musical, Hamilton, with the class.

Mrs. Haley is proud of how hard the students have worked on transformations, proportional relationships, and linear relationships. We will continue to work on linear relationships during the second quarter and then move into solving equations. Are you ready to incorporate letters into math? Don't worry! We will work through solving equations together. You've got this!

In Science, students have learned about information processing, ecosystems, and are digging their way into natural resources and cracking open geodes! Mr. Erler has been enjoying the participation in his lessons and all of the fun things that have taken place such as the introduction music, videos, the "Halfway there" chat waterfall, and the creative Nearpod responses. The next marking period brings environmental impacts, natural hazards, and the history of planet Earth.