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JFK Teachers 2023-2024 Quarter 1 Goals

Coaching for Excellence - NYSED

2023-2024 focus:

  • Project Based Learning
  • Small Group Instruction
  • Differentiation Supports
  • English as a New Language Support
  • New Curricula Supports
- iReady Math- Writer's Workshop- Fundations Phonics

Present your genially ...

Using an outline, to conveyeverything in an orderly fashion.

Calmly and concisely.Summarize the content.

After plenty of practice. Improvisation works best when you’re prepared!

Show enthusiasm! Breathe deeplyand say what you came to say.

Managing your voice.It’s your best ally.

With a smile. This will sparkempathy and help you createa special connection.

I’m an awesome subtitle, ideal forgiving more context about the topic at hand

Magnetic whiteboard Presentation


‘Your content is good, but it’ll engage muchmore if it’s interactive.’