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ELA Notebook

week 11/6 & week 11/13



How are you feeling today?
  • Annotate or put into chat how you are feeling today

Meeting Objectives

  • All
    • Build data literacy
  • 4th/5th
    • Create opportunities to support writing needs based on writing outlines

Today's LIneup/objectives


creating resources

sharing resources

this or that

Data collection


  • take an inquiry stance.
  • ground statements in evidence
  • assume positive intentions & take responsibility for impact.
  • Speak your truth & be open to different perspectives
  • stick to protocol & hear all voices
  • start and stop on time
  • be here now



  • Please complete survey

Bare Bones

Write Stuff

  • Create it and they will write
    • BOs for 30 minutes
    • solo or with colleagues
    • plan for needs on the Writing outlines
    • each BO is a different topic with suggestions
    • be creative as your class needs

Plan it out

Bare Bones

Write Stuff

  • 1: grammar rules
-set of warm ups to go with next 2 weeks of lessons- Live time to practice for 20 minutes of time- Turning guided writing piece into grammar needs
  • 2: stretchy sentences
- Small group activity- Turn a current writing part of a guided lesson into stretchy sentences- Warm up – write about a picture
  • 3: motivate/get interested in writing
- Live time activity for 20 minutes of time- Small group activity
  • 4: introducing RACE
- Find best times within guided lessons
  • 5. other

Plan it out - Create the activity

  • Share.....
    • describe created activity(s)
    • post the activity to Bare Bones

Writing time

  • 4/5
    • review activities from other PLCs
    • post learner writing samples to Padlet

Next steps

What could we do to make it more helpful?
What was helpful about today's meeting?

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