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Intro to the Executive Branch

Choice Board


Explore the resources on the blue note and using information found there, choose one method from the yellow notes to display your new found knowledge of the Executive Branch. Use the button on each note for resources you can use to create that specific item. Upload your choice of models in your Edio lesson.


Create an infographic that visually represents the different parts of the US Executive Branch.


Create a podcast episode discussing the key components and roles of the US Executive Branch.

Visual Timeline

Create a visual timeline highlighting the major events and developments in the US Executive Branch's history.

News Article

Write a news article covering a recent event or decision made by the US Executive Branch.


USA.GOV Branches of Government

Interactive Presentation

Create an interactive presentation using multimedia tools to explain the structure and functions of the US Executive Branch.

Visual Representation

Create a visual representation (e.g., poster, collage) that showcases the key aspects of the US Executive Branch.

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Click on one or more of the links below to explore different aspects of the US Executive Branch.


USA.GOV Federal Bureaucracy

You can use any of these different sites to create an infographic, you can find and use another program, or you can create an info graphic on paper and take a photo of it to upload it. (They all have free options.) 1. Microsoft PowerPoint 2. Canva- https://www.canva.com/ 3. Genially- https://auth.genial.ly/login Log in - GeniallynullGenial

You can use your cell phone or computer to record a podcast to be submitted. Zoom would be a good platform to use.

https://www.visme.co/timeline-maker/Here are a few programs that could help you create a digital timeline. Hand-written ones would also work, you would just need to take a clear picture and upload that picture. https://www.canva.com/create/infographics/timeline/ https://time.graphics/ https://www.visme.co/timeline-maker/ Free Online Timeline Maker | VismeVisme is an online timeline maker to quickly and easily makes different types of timelines. Make Gantt charts, interactive timelines, and...Visme

Microsoft Word would be the best resource to use to write a news article.

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Multi-media presentation tools that you could use here include: PowerPoint Genially Padlet Powtoon Prezi

You can create your visual representation by hand, using PowerPoint, Canva, or any other graphic arts program. This would also be a good assignment to use AI tools to help you create a visual representation of your understanding of the workings of the Executive branch. You would need to find your own program to help with that.

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You may also explore Google and AllSides.com for additional information about the Executive Branch of the US Government.