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Antibiotics awareness Edition

Question 1/10

Antibiotic Awareness Tip: MRSA nares screen has >90% negative predictive value for MRSA pneumonia and provides opportunity to stop anti-MRSA therapy (if negative) or defer until additional culture results are available.

Question 2/10

Antibiotics Awareness Tip: See pages 6-7 in the ID Handbook for additional information on optimal antibiotic selection and MIC interpretation!

Question 2/10

Click here for a screen shot of the STI Testing/Treatment Menu (info also available in the ID Handbook)

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Question 6/10

Antibiotics Awareness Tip: Rapid diagnostic testing has emerged to deliver faster results to guide clinician decision making and action. Antibiotic escalation or deescalation based on rapid diagnostic results is key to the utility of rapid diagnostic testing. Examples at OVAHCS include the GI and respiratory multiplex tests as well as the blood culture identification panel. Please see the Clinical Microbiology Section of the ID handbook for additional information/treatment guidance!

Question 7/10

Antibiotics Awareness Tip: Urine specimens collected for culture in patients with an indwelling urethral catheter in place for ≥ 14 days should be collected AFTER replacing the catheter (unless otherwise contraindicated) to prevent a false positive related to catheter biofilm.

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