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"King Andrew the First" -unknown artist

Women's suffrage“There will never be a new world order until women are a part of it.”-Elizabeth Cady Stanton

*read an opinion here about the start of a "new world order"

The new steamboat has changed our way on the water. It operates on steampower while making a faster way of transportation by up to 5 miles per hour! You no longer have to "row, row, row your boat" because the steamboat does not require the physical work. Tickets are sold for .50 cents!

All hail America's new monarch! Jackson, our president, may be trying to be a precedent for how he believes the future of America shall continue. Unfortunately this King can only stand up to 8 years before he's kicked off the pedestal.

Monroe Doctrine, 1823Out of isolation and into reality, Monroe has now passed the Monroe Doctrine. It states that (1) nations in the Western Hemisphere are different from European republics (2) the American colonies should not be considered for future colonization by European powers (3) any attempt by European powers would be taken as a threat and US would have to fight back (4) the US would not interfere in any European affairs. This shall be America’s first act of foreign policy… Jefferson would not agree to this. As the proud Americans we are and all we have overcome, the rest of the continents shall be ours to colonize. The Monroe Doctrine advises that any European powers are to stay off our continents or else there will be a price to pay. Personally, Monroe seems like a cat trying to bark. Our country is not ready to fend off Europeans if they come exploring our jungle. I think we are still underdeveloped as a nation to be asserting these kinds of claims. Although, in return the US will stay out of European affairs. Why don’t we just give them a lollipop?

Andrew Jackson: America's Hero or Wanted Victim? In his "Jacksonian Era", Andrew Jackson has done a lot to America's voting and bank system. Many citizens are questioning if these changes are for the good of the country or his own personal benefits. Is he a hero or villain? Jackson has gotten very comfortable with using the veto. He will veto anything he feels is bad not just unconstitutional. He also feels the National Bank and paper money is untrustworthy, so naturally, he vetoes the bank unconstitutional. He orders federal deposits to be withdrawn and the bank collapses. Let you be the judge of what you think about Jackson's impacts. I am not much into political parties, but if someone asked I would just say I "Know-Nothing".

Poetry Is The New Victory (1812)"Oh say can you see..." is the point of view Francis Scott Key has given us in his new poem. Published and printed, read for yourself what Key witnessed on the night "rockets red glare" and "bombs bursting in air". In Baltimore, the Battle of Fort McHenry lasted a long, exhausting 25 hours as British ships fired bombs and cannon balls at the American peninsula. Key was held outside the Baltimore Harbor while the spectacular took place. What was heard and seen all night eventually ended in an American victory. British ships retreated, while our flag waved and pride beamed. This new poem is important for America an will become a representation for our country.

“Good evening! Tonight I am speaking with Dorthea Dix, American activist and humanitarian, whose devotions have resulted in major reforms to the medical field and nursing. Thank you for joining us.” “Of course! During this interview I will be sharing on the behalf of myself and other about how mental illness is a serious concern and requires national attention.” “Will you please speak about how your personal life has impacted you to promote such drastic change?” “Alcoholism plagued my parents when I was younger, and my father was abusive. I had to leave home. My childhood was the start of my mental illness. After, I moved to Boston, opened a school for girls, but my illness got in the way, and I had to take a break from teaching. While I could not teach, I traveled to England where I learned most of my knowledge in the medical industry. I observed prisons and hospitals and witnessed the inhumane treatment and conditions of mentally disturbed persons. I could not ignore what I observed, there needed to be a change. Later, back in America, I pushed for state legislatures to establish states hospitals for the mentally ill. I was hard at first, but within 40 years I eventually convinced 15 U.S. states and parts of Canada to establish these hospitals.” “Now what is different about these hospitals for the mentally ill, specifically?” “These kinds of hospitals provide better conditions for a mentally ill person to stay and the treatment is focused on the specific topic. Not all mental illnesses can be cured with medicine or even at all. The previous institutions people were being placed in were unsanitary, cold, and dark. This is not suitable for any person, let alone one with a mental concern. In new asylums, attention will be cast on helping and improving the patients, instead of ignoring what another doctor cannot fix.”“The contributions you have made are phenomenal. I understand your work has also been recognized during the Civil War and you were designated as the Superintendent of Army Nurses for the Union Army. I appreciate you talking with me and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.” “I am glad I could share my story and other details with you today. Thank you!”

Hello Allison! I need a packing tip before I move West with my husband and three children. Am I able to pack my collection of designer fur coats? I know it will be cold! Hello reader! I would advise you not to. Hearing that you already have a pretty full wagon, it is important that you pack what you need. Weight is a big factor and I suggest you think about if you would be okay to get rid of the coats if needed. You are right that the journey will be long, as well as cold so try to make it as easy as possible. By oxen you will only get about 8-10 miles in a day. Also think about how your coats can be used in multiple ways like blankets, clothing, rugs, etc. I hope some of my insight helped, so ultimately pack what you and your family need. Dear Allison, how will my husband and I provide for a family in the West where there are no cities or jobs? Do not worry! The whole reason to move westward is because of the new opportunities. Things like farming, gold mining, and building are all new chances to make a living. You will have land and resources to start your life. Have your kids help with things too and train them right. I hope you find your new beginning!

“What has come about of these women? Who do they think they are to demand their rights?" Common sense has crawled into the minds of these women who are starting to demand a change. Ever since they started working in factories and making a way for themselves, they have realized that there are other things that should be deserved. The right to vote. Now in the 1840’s is the start of the women’s suffrage movement.I have to agree with every reason behind this movement. I support what women are trying to do for a change. Others and I deserve the right to vote if we are living in the same society as a man. Stated in the Declaration of Independence, “all Men are created equal,” this has to include women. I believe that if women can wake up every day and go to work like a man, then they should be able to wake up on election day and get to vote like a man. We want our sense of independence. Now it is time to get it.