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The society of Fahrenheit 451 is very technology based. People aren’t social like they are in real society, they interact with parlor wall, to which they refer to as their family. People no longer have porches, and they don’t sit up at night talking or anything. Books are banned and burned if found. There have also been many mentions of children and youth being extremely violent. Clarisse feared her own peers and one of Mildred’s friends mentions how her kids would "just as soon kick as kiss [her]" (Bradbury 93). This shed light on the idea of increased violence i the Fahrenheit 451 society.

Bradbury has the character Montag read and steal books to show that he is rebelling against the society he is living in. Montag, Clarisse and Faber’s actions inform us of Bradbury’s view that people must rebel and try to fix wrongness in an unjust society. Bradbury displays how the unjust society is literally driving Montag crazy and he has a total breakdown and reads poetry in order to “scare the hell out of [Mildred’s friends]” (Bradbury 95).

Montag has stashed books, read books, schemed to ruin the firemen, and read books to other people. If Montag is successful in his rebellion, then society might become more accepting and permit the reading of books and literature. Society might stay the same in the way that people could still chose to not read books if they find them upsetting or offensive.

The American Revolution was when the American colonies rebelled against British rule and fought for their independence. George Washington, a leading American military officer, is one of the primary reasons that America did end up winning their independence from Britain. After America pushed back against Britain’s unfair rule over them and won the war, they became their own nation. My source was: https://www.history.com/topics/american-revolution/american-revolution-history Revolutionary War - Timeline, Facts & BattlesThe Revolutionary War, also known as the American Revolution, arose from growing tensions between residents of Great Britain's 13 North American...HISTORY

George Washington strategized and led troops in the fight against Britain.

Their rebellious acts such as the Boson Tea Party and American Revolution itself led to America’s freedom from Britain and it’s becoming its own independent nation, which is what they hoped would happen. So, yes, life for them changed dramatically have they formed a whole new nation and government.

In the American Revolution, the rebels were open and clear about what they wanted, they made their hopes and goals known. In F451, Montag and Faber are keeping their plans close to their chest and their goals aren’t as widespread and people can’t rally behind their cause like they could in the American Revolution. Without rebellion, most people are unaware that there are problems or flaws with a system. So, yes, I believe that it is necessary to rebel for societal progress to take place because it is what brings the problem or flaws to the publics attention.