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Unit 6 Final

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Unit 6

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Unit 1

Unit 1

In unit 1 we learned how to set goals and work towards them in an effective manner, as well as how to use the tools presented to us via today's technology to foward said goalsThe unit 1 final displays all the previously mentioned skills in full, summerizing them in a digestibal unit project that got the full sixteen out of sixteen.


Empowered learner

Digital Citizen

Unit 2

Unit two was about being a safe and responsible individual on the internet. How to spot fake news and articles, how to make influential choices using the tools presented to us on the internet. In the unit final I displayed how I learned how to track and moderate my digital footprint and what the internet actually tracks from me, as well as how the prints are used to create a filter bubble that makes a feadback loop of my interests. this however can be broken by doing the unexpected and searching for a whole variety of things to diversify. being able to detect scams and fake news is another skill that has been learned, where one needs to keep watch for outlandish bold headlines from unheard of websites.

Knowledge Constuctor

Unit 3

Unit three, Knowledge Constructor, was about using our previously aquired knowledge in tandem with new accumulated knowledge to snuff out fake sources. This can be displayed in the final project where the CRAAP handout, the perfect, flawless design that helps section off black and white characteristics that can be followed to check sources, as well as examples of the test in use of sources with written up explinations to better understand its usage.

Innovative Designer

Unit 4

IInnovative designer was about knowing how we use current technology and how it can be expanded into new facets of innvention for better understandings of what can be developed based on what we currently do. This can be seen in the 10 amazing techs document where all these concepts are shown off with given critiques as analysis on how useful a potentially innovative design can actually be.

Computational Thinker

Unit 5

Computational thinker, unit five, is about the ability to use digital tools to collect data to further a problem solving effort in a more effective solution, decomposing problems down to the core features to better filter out uneccesary elements to create a more efficiant solution.Here presented before you is one of the very data collection quizes, the data gained from answering it can be extended to usage in solvig a complex issue by getting to a core of the problem, which in this case is a lack of anatomical understanding in art, and why it exists.

Creative Communicator and Global Collaborator

Unit 6

Unit 6 was all about using special platforms and tools to collaberate with others. This involves tailoring information to be as digestable and accessable to our intended audience as possible. This can then be spiralled off to solving a larger issue via collaberation based on skill sets.What is presented to you now in a resume which is a compellation of all my skills put out to collaborate with others. through someone taking a liking of the resume they could reach out and together we could collaborate using our combined skills to complete a goal jointly.