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Austin ISD12-Hour GT Foundations

kathryn.galinat@austinisd.org tina.m.mowrey@austinisd.org stefanie.torres@austinisd.org blake.haygood@austinisd.orgPlease include the course name (GT Foundations Online: Secondary) with your email or Microsoft TEAMS message.Please save our contact information and reach out to us through email or TEAMS at any time.

For Secondary Advanced Academics Teacherswho have completed a Summer Institute

Hello! We are your online course facilitators. Please contact us with your questions.

Kathryn GalinatGT Project Specialist

Tina Mowrey GT Project Specialist

Stefanie TorresGT Project Specialist

Blake HaygoodK-12 GT Coordinator

This self-paced online class will only be available and open for participant coursework from May 25 (12:00 a.m.) to March 31 (11:59 p.m.) of the current school year. Participants will NOT have access to this course before or after the course window. No late work will be accepted.

State Requirements: State law requires that teachers who are assigned GT students must complete 30 hours of GT Foundations Training and then an annual 6 hours of GT Update training each following year. District Requirements: Failure to complete your GT training will negatively impact your Campus GT Accountability Rating. Typically within 24 hours of course completion, participants will be marked as complete. Participants may need to complete the HCP course survey before they can access their HCP certificate. A digital copy of your course certificate should be shared with the Campus GT Advocate. The certificate should include mention of this course and your completion of an appropriate Summer Institute to fulfill the 30-Hour GT Foundations requirement. This 12-hour GT Foundations training provides an overview of the nature and needs of gifted students, identification of gifted learner, an overview of GT services, professional development requirements, legal policies, and accountability measures. This training has been designed for secondary teachers who provide GT services within academically accelerated courses in the four core content areas and who have attended a Summer Institute that fulfills the remaining 18-hours of the 30-Hour Foundations course (including training on Differentiation, Depth & Complexity, and/or Curriculum and Instruction for Gifted Learners). Participants will . . .

  • Explore equity, access, and inclusion;
  • Recognize the characteristics and needs of gifted students;
  • Gain awareness of how GT services are delivered in Austin ISD;
  • Review professional development requirements, legal policies, and accountability measures.

To view the modules in the BLEND course, click on "Home" or "Modules" on the left-hand sidebar. Participants need to complete all course modules in sequential order and will receive a "green checkmark" once each item is complete. Participants are expected to review all course material and work through the course assignments in a detailed and professional manner. This is a self-paced online course. Participants can work on the course modules at any time during the course window of May 25 - March 31 of the current school year. At certain times throughout the training, you will see a "Mark as Done" button. Please click the "Mark as Done" button only if you viewed and fully understand the implications and/or requirements on that page.

INTERACTIVE GT NOTEBOOK: Taking notes throughout this 12-hour GT Foundations BLEND course is optional, but encouraged. Each teacher can create their own personal notebook using the template provided in this course. Teachers will submit a viewable link of their personal notebook at the end of the course. This is optional. The first few pages are for taking general notes. Each of the color notebook tabs (on the right) are assigned to specific BLEND modules for note taking. Teachers can add additional note pages if needed. As teachers take notes, they will include text, information, links, and graphics that can assist the teacher when working with gifted students. The notes are also designed to help teachers provide services to gifted students in their classroom after the course ends. Teachers may also want to share their notes with their administrator who evaluates them in the classroom, since the PPfT has a professional development requirement and also requires that teachers plan to meet the needs of their diverse student population--including GT. The notes may also be shared with the Campus GT Advocate. Click on this link to make a Forced Copy of the GT Foundations Training Notes Document.