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The media's complicity in undermining the Women in Space Program

Astronymphs, Aviatrixes, and Space Gals

Dr. William Randolph Lovelace II

Jerrie Cobb

Jacqueline Cochran

Key players of the Women in Space Program

Cochran and Cobb, and many, many more.

Testing Phases




Do Not Go Gentle

Amplifying Jackie Cochran's expertise

Framing as soft news

The ways in which the media undermined the WISP

Dampening Qualifications

My mother could probably pass the physical exam at Lovelace.

Mercury 7 Astronaut, John Glenn

Head turning headlines and relegation to the womens section

Jackie Cochran VS The wISP

Remaining members of Mercury 13 watching Eileen Collins pilot the Discovery, 1995

Remaining members of Mercury 13 at Sally Ride's launch, 1983

Qualifications for Astronauts

"All this subcommittee wanted was the facts"

Pulmonary Function TestsTotal Body Determination TestsComplete X-RaysSwallowing 3 Feet of a Rubber HoseDrinking 3oz Castor OilInjecting 10 Degree Water Into Ear Canal to Induce Vertigo

Wally Funk, oldest person to fly in space, 2021.
A mercury 7 astronaut in the MASTIF for scale

Riding in a centrifugeControlling the MASTIFDilbert DunkerAirborn EEG

Jerrie Cobb, First Woman to Pass the Mercury Astronaut Tests

10,000 flight hoursprivate and commercial licensesferrying to the amazon rain foresttranscontinental racing experienceflight instructoraltitude record setter 1959 Pilot's Association Pilot of the Yearfirst woman to take and pass the Mercury 7 astronaut tests

Born as Bessie Lee Pittman, reinvented herself and became the sucessful pilot and millionare, Jackie Cochran.First woman to break the sound barrier in 1953.Wartime head of the Women's Airforce ServicePilots of WWII - oversaw 1,000 women.Iliterate, but sucessfully lobbied presidentsHeld more speed and altitude records thanany other living person.

Jackie Cochran, head of the WASPS and most famous female pilot in the world

His research in using oxygen while flying won him the Collier Award and Jackie Cochran's attention. Administered the phsyical and psychological tests to the Mercury 7 astronauts.Believed women would fare better in space thanmen.Tested 19 female pilots during the Woman inSpace Program.

The Name Synonymous with Aerospace Medicine, Dr. Lovelace

Fellow Lady Astronaut Trainees, the term Jerrie Cobb, a main character in this story, used when speaking to or about the women who went through the women in space program.

The Mercury 13 is a name coined in the 90s to describe the women of the Women in Space Program of the 1960s

The Mercury 7 were the first astronaut class, all men.