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UNIT 2 Customer Service - Complaints session

2.5 Handle a range of customer complaints in line with agreed procedures Face to face, telephone, online, internal/external.



Audio record feedback to the group who solved your complaints.

Find the funniest review about a business/product

Share with the group and discuss whether its of benefit to the business. Is it relevant? any other thoughts what make it a bad or good review.

You are now going to be put into groups. Divide your flip chart paper into 4 sections and write down 4 customer service complaints you could encounter. Example: faulty good receivedYou will then swap with another group and they will try and solve your complaint, click on the link to see the key things to consider when solving the complaint.

  • Body language - behaviours used to deal with
  • How? - Face to face/online/email/external/internal
  • Who? You/ manager/other.
  • What next? the customer is still not happy what would you do next?