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Choice Board- Chapter 6

REcording and PowerPoint

Self-Paced Review

Vocab Practice

Which Empire?

Legacy of Ancient India



Early Tester

Test PRep Materials

Review Recording

  • Since Mrs. Rizzo is not here, watch this recording of the test review. Check out the review powerpoint.


Click on the images to complete a self-paced review.

Take more time to review at your own pace!

Vocab Practice

  • Need a little more vocabulary practice for this Chapter before your test. Press on the Icon to the right to play a quick vocab activity

Which Empire?

  • Compare and Contrast seems easy, test your skills below!

Ancient India had many different legacies. Practice sorting them into the correct categories by playing the wordwall game.

Legacies of Ancient India

Review Game

Press on the icon to play a solo Kahoot, Gimkit, or Blooket game.

Need a Review Game?


We have to know where we are to understand the rest of the chapter. Practice your geography skills with the word wall below!

Early Tester


  • I reviewed OneNote.
  • I studied the Review PPT.
  • I played the review game.
  • I reviewed my virtual notebook and personal notes.

If you answered yes to all the statements above and you are ready to complete your test, please use this time to complete your test early!

Test Prep Materials

Want written practice for the test or the Study Guide...

  • Ch 6 Test Prep (Practice)
  • Ch 6 Main Ideas/Concepts (Study Guide)