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module 1: activity

Select one of the listed activities to complete. Click the button situated to the left of your chosen activity to view the corresponding instructions.

A New Spin on color

explore tools and media

identifying subject matter




Do: Choose at least two different types of tools and media from the list of materials on the left and explore their use on your own. Create a Google slideshow, an infographic, a video or an oral presentation highlighting the differences in these art materials and tools. If you would like, you can also use different media and tools for your own artwork to get a feel for what it is like working with them.

Explore the different types of tools and media used in art. Discover what the differences are between things such as:paper: watercolor paper, paint paper, drawing paperpaintbrushes: camel-haired or bristle brushescanvasclay plaster

Explore Tools and Media

Do: If you are using a magazine, create a poster with each one cut out and pasted onto the paper. Label each type of subject matter.If you are using online resources, create an infographic or Google slide presentation with each example and label each type of subject matter.

Look through magazines or online for examples of one of the subject matters that was highlighted in the Learn 1.2 presentation. Select advertisements, drawings or photographs that illustrate 6 of these subject matters.

Identifying Subject Matter

Materials:MagazinesOnline sourcesPaperGlueMarker/Pen

Do:Use paints to create a color wheel that looks different from the one in Learn 1.2. You can use different shapes and designs.Use the three primary colors to create the colors on the color wheel. Practice mixing the primary colors to create the secondary and tertiary colors.Refer to the color wheel slide in the presentation in Learn 1.2 as a reminder of what colors to mix to create these colors.

Study the color wheel from the presentation in 1.2 What is the purpose of the color wheel? How is it useful in creating art?

A New Spin on Color

Materials:white paper 9X12tempera, watercolor or acrylic paintbrushessurface for mixing paintcontainers of water