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What is pre-searching?

It's basically brainstorming. You find out about your topic before you start the formal research process. Think of it as looking for inspiration. What topics get your attention? What makes you perk up? Nothing? Scroll through the news or browse topics on an issues database like Opposing Viewpoints. This is important: YOU ARE NOT GATHERING SOURCES. The quality of your sources matters in research, but it doesn't when you pre-search. Read articles that are easy to understand. Hopefully, you'll be able to scan the information and learn quickly. Develop a list of keywords as you pre-search. Look for important terms, names, events, and anything that stands out. Don't waste time defining the keywords, just jot down a list on a scratch piece of paper or a blank document. As new keywords pique your interest, follow that pre-search trail. If you lose interest in the topic, consider ditching it for a new one.


Pre-Searching with MackinVia

How to Pre-search

1. Brainstorm search terms. try words in your research question and their synonyms.

2 Open Gale Power Search and click on Topic Finder3 Search for the terms and view the results graphic4 Pay attention to what's in the graphic. Are you looking at all sides?5 Click on the outer ring of the graphic to read articles related to the topic


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Can I Use AI for my research?

DO: use AI for input tasks (like gathering and organizing info)DON'T: use AI for output tasks (like producing evidence of understanding such as writing your entire research paper for you)



Are you smarter than chatGpt?

Do I have to cite info from AI? YES!

APA Style

MLA Style

Ai is reliable for the most part, but because it was created by humans, it does have bias and is not error-free!

YEs and NO!



Is AI a credible source?


Types of Bias

You will use both the databases in MackinVia and Google Scholar!


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