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Affiliate Program: Online Lead Generation

Online marketing strategy to generate more leads.

Landing Page

Tailor the design to align with your specific requirements and cater to the preferences of your audience.

As an Affiliate, you will have access to a custom Landing Page you can share with your audience with Live Chat!

Our landing page offers a chat box for live interactions with agents. Get instant answers, and schedule phone calls for personalized assistance.

Chat Box

Promote on Social Media

Numerous affiliates have achieved significant success by sharing their landing page link on social media platforms. Additionally, we'll furnish you with a webhook link for efficient tracking.

Personalized Phone Number

A personalized phone number will be added to the landing page for leads to call for services. All calls on this number will be tracked and answered by our call center agents.


A form will be added to the landing page to collect basic data from the lead. Once submitted, our team will contact the lead within 5 minutes to close the sale.

Leverage the benefits of using this landing page. By integrating forms, a personalized phone number, and promoting your page on social media, we can amplify the volume of inbound leads.

Lead schedules a call for a later time.

Outbound or Inbound call with agent

Agent engages on Chat Box

Lead sends message on Chat Box

Get Paid


Sale Closed

Follow the Lead Journey from click to sale!

Agent Calls the lead

Agent answers the call

Lead clicks on Landing Page

Lead doesn't answer

Lead Answers

Lead fills out the Form

Leads Calls Phone Number

Lost Sale

Sale Closed

They decide they want our services.

Offer the top brands for internet, tv, mobile and home secruity.

Products Offered

Share your landing page online with your audience and get us more leads while we close the sales and you make commissions.

Call are transfered to our billingual agents who are trained to close sales.

Online Lead Generator

Calls (Live Transfers)

Affiliates are making over 50k a month with our program.

Affilates Onboarded

Regardless of the plan you select, we handle the heavy lifting. Both plans offer competitive commissions, enabling your business to thrive.

Unit Installed

Call Duration

You have the option to select from two distinct affiliate plans that best align with the needs of your business.

The commission for this plan is contingent on the provider. Once the unit is installed, you will receive payment within 15 business days.

The commission for this plan is $25.00 for each call you refer to us with a duration exceeding 5 minutes.

Affiliate Plan Structure

Access the affiliate program portal to view all calls and closed orders.

We do the heavy lifiting providing the landing page with all the information of services your audience wants.

Our affiliate program stands out as the premier choice in the market. We offer comprehensive resources to facilitate the seamless submission of your leads. Our team of bilingual agents is dedicated to transforming those leads into successful sales. As your sales increase, so do your commissions.

Bring us leads, we close the sale, and you make commissions

Account Rep

Call Center

Landing Page

You have a dedicated account rep managing your account.

Our agents are ready to make sales on your behalf.

The landing page is ready for you to share with your audience.

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Testimonials from our Affiliates

Call Center Agents

In the event that a lead does not answer the phone, we have established a system for multiple follow-up attempts. Our call center agents are adept at closing sales and are enthusiastic about connecting with leads. However, beyond a certain threshold of unanswered attempts, it is considered a lost sales opportunity.

Chat Box

Your tailored landing page includes a chat box where potential leads can engage with live agents. Agents inquire about preferred support—whether through chat, phone call, or scheduling a callback. This ensures comprehensive lead capture, and our bilingual agents are ready for real-time assistance.

Share on Social Media

Many affiliates have experienced notable success by promoting their landing page link on various social media platforms, with some reporting up to 100 clicks per day and increased call volumes. Moreover, we'll provide you with a webhook link for streamlined tracking.


Our forms will gather essential information, including full name, email, and phone number. This enables us to initiate the sales funnel by reaching out to them and closing the sale.Once a form is submitted, the lead will automatically recieve a text message informing them that our team will contact them in as little as 5 minutes

Custom Phone Numer

You'll receive a unique phone number featured on your landing page. When leads call this number, we can monitor the incoming calls. Our trained call center billingual Spanish and English speaking agents will handle these calls and facilitate sales on your behalf.