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With this drill, the goalkeeper is meant to nimbly make their way through a series of cones before they either catch, dive, or jump to catch the ball, depending on what you want to work on. The idea is that they improve their footwork, ball-handling abilities, and agility; all in one drill.

1. Set up a line of cones in front of the goal from the goal line to the 6-yard box or just beyond. 2. At the end of the cones, place either a cone, mannequin, or agility pole around 2 to 3 metres to either side of the line. 3. While one goalkeeper starts on the goal line, two other goalkeepers, players, or coaches line up around 4 or 5 metres from each mannequin with several soccer balls on hand.


1. The goalkeeper on the line moves between the cones as quickly as possible before darting to the outside of either of the cones/mannequins/agility poles. 2. Once they arrive here, one of the other two players drop-kicks the ball at the keeper's chest. Alternatively, they can always pass the ball along the ground, throw it up high into the air, or toss it to either side, depending on what skill you want to work on. 3. With any of these different drills, the keeper should catch the ball and throw it back before immediately shuffling to the outside of the other cones where they repeat the drill. 4. They then run back towards the goal line and take up the starting position, ready to begin the drill again. 5. They should work through this drill around 10 times before they rest and rotate with one of the other keepers. 6. Once they’ve all done this a couple of times, vary it up by getting them to dive or leap for the ball or pass it back along the ground with one touch.

How to Run the Drill:

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