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Amulet of a cat, Napatan Period, reign of Piankhy, 743–712 BCE, El Kurru, Ku. 53 (tomb of Queen Tabiry), marble, 4.4 x 1.5 x 2.5 cm, Boston MFA, Ac. # 21.305

The holes on the statuette's ears were adorned with jewelry, likely gold or silver hoops.

The cat sits with its paws close together and its tail wrapped neatly around its feet, which is stylistically very Egyptian.

The use of marble is unusual; funerary objects were commonly faience objects, meaning made from ceramic material and a bright, colorful glaze. According to Dunham's report, this was the only marble object found in Ku. 53.

The cat's left ear is missing.

The amulet has a hole in the back of the neck (not visible) for a metal suspension ring, allowing it to be worn around one's neck.