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Dakota Jones


08 Survey Analysis

03 Video: Target goals

14 Closings

13 Reflection

12 Test: PSA Feedback

11 PSA Video

10 EMagazine

09 Brainstorm Solutions

07 Survey Introduction

06 Target of Global Goal

05 Mindmap

04 Issues in Sustainability

02 About Me

01 Homepage Introduction


  • Over 1 billion people are experiencing:
    • Slum conditions
    • No access to transportation
    • No public space access
    • Increased disaster destruction rates
    • Reduced air quality

HOmepage: Introduction

About Me:

  • LME Class Project
  • Western Kentucky University
  • Psychology Major
  • Career aspiration in clinical Psychology

Dakota Jones


This is a short video about the target goals from the UN foundation.

Global, national, and local issues:

  • Global warming
  • Hurricane impacts on costal environments
  • Tennessee floods

Issues in sustainability:

  • Overuse of resources
  • Safety issues
  • Lack of transportation
  • Pollution
  • Weather disasters


5 Causes of unsustainable communities

  • Rarely used but could solve several problems

two causes of unsustainably

lack of public TRANSPORTATION

  • Economic value
  • Build community
  • Bring oppuntiunties

ABSENCE of small buisnesses

Survey: Opinions on the target goals

  • 80% of small buisnesses survive the first year
  • 30% survive after ten years
  • Does business support decrease?
Would you use transportation if it was available in your city and was reliable?
On average, how often do you hear about or see car crashes occurring?
How important are small businesses to a community?

Interesting Survey Results:

  • Use other routes of transportation
  • Volunteer at local events
  • Sign petitions to advocate for sustainability
  • Eat and shop local
  • Educate others

Practical Solutions:

Green Spaces
Public Transportation

EMagazine: World-Wide Upgrades

Encourage people to share this with other

Gather feedback about the sustainability problem

Provide three ways to help

Create awareness for the state of the world

Develop: PSA Video

  • 100% saw the benefits of change
  • Majority would vote for sustainability
  • Over half would use green spaces
  • Include information about renewable resources
  • Unlikeliness to get involved in community events
  • Lack of acceptance within community's
  • Inflection that was used

Test: PSA Feedback

  • How public transport improves community and individual lives'
  • The need for slum upgrading
  • Green spaces being made inclusively
I learned:
I would improve:
  • Information on pollution and renewable resource
  • PSA by creating more realistic stories
  • Explanation's about community involvement



Click the link below for a list of further resources about this topic.

Thank you for watching!

Insitute for Sustainable Communities

Environmental Protection Agency

Global Goals Website

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