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By Renae Phillip-Knight

Ai and The Enviroment

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The GEMS Air Pollution Monitoring Program

It uses AI to show the impact of real-time air quality on populations and help inform health protection measures.

How does it use Ai?

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The GEMS Air Pollution Monitoring platform is the largest global information network in the world. IQAir takes data from over 25,000 air quality monitoring stations in more than 140 countries.

What is it? How does it work?

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An issue would be terrible air quality in some areas. This is important because having good air quality is a key thing to living. It impacts everyone because everyone needs to breathe.

Why is this issue important? Who is impacted by it?

What is an issues this platform can solve?

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This issue can be addressed by the platform being able to monitor the air quality and give feedback on how to improve the air quality and find a way to have cleaner air benefiting everyone.

How can it solve the issue while maintaining the Social benefits?

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To keep the platform ethical and on track every month the scientist working with the platform has to make a monthly report. If the expectations aren’t made then that specific platform will be taken down and fixed.

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