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Where did the Sioux live?

Teepees - Sioux Homes

Community LifeRoles of Men and Women

Buffalo Nation

Sioux People

The Sioux followed the buffalo and lived in teepees.

The Sioux Tribe

What was important?What did they eat?What were their roles?

Siuox Buffalo Nation

What were the rules of the village?How did they interact with others?

Picture from The Sioux of the Great Northern Plains by Pete DiPrimio

Teepees - Outside

Teepees - portable to move from camp to camp

  • Buffalo hides used as rugs
  • Buffalo pillow
  • Buffalo bones for backrests
  • hooves for windchimes
  • fire pit inside for warmth

Teepee- Inside

  • made of about 18 buffalo hides each
  • large poles to hold it up
  • poles tied together
  • then covered with hides
  • hard work
  • flap at the top for smoke


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The Sioux lived in teepees.

  • Made of wood.
  • Covered in animal skin.
  • They had a door on each end.
  • They had smoke holes in the top.

  • Women would pull down before moving.
  • Place on Travois to move
  • Women would put up again at new camp

  • Men were hunters and warriors.
  • part of war parties to control hunting territories
  • Men guided and protected the village members as they moved camps.
  • Winter - repaired bows and arrows.

Men's Roles

  • Turned buffalo hides into clothing
  • Sewed colored beads and quills for clothing.
  • Pulling down and reassembling teepees
  • Packing when it was time to move

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Sioux Community Life

  • removed hides from buffalo
  • cut meat into long strips and dried it in the sun
  • gathered fruits and vegetables in summer and fall

Women's Roles - Community


  • Learned by watching and copying their parents (play)

Picture from Three Native Nations: Of the Woodlands, Plains, and Desert, pg 26-27

Picture from Three Native Nations: Of the Woodlands, Plains, and Desert, pg 25

Women's Roles- Food

  • Medicine
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Hide for teepees
  • Glue
  • Tools

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Buffalo Nation

  • The buffalo were respected and revered.
  • The buffalo gave people what they needed to live.
  • Used every part of the buffalo

Legend of Tatunka

Buffalo Uses:

Tatunka - means buffalo

Sioux Culture

Living Style

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Clan Rules and Government

  • Sioux means enemy
  • Sioux called themselves “Seven council First”

  • Determined people who fought for their land to protect their hunting lands.
  • Stole horses to help their success as hunters and providers

Sioux People

  • Nomad style living
  • Moved often - followed the buffalo

Sitting Bull