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Livable Cities Reflection

Nathaly Barrantes

Robertson, M. (2021). Sustainability principles and practice. Taylor & Francis Group. Trustees, F.B. O. (2018). A Sustainable Future: Equality, Ecology, and Economy. Kendall Hunt Publishing.

"Since World War II, however, development has been dominated by automobiles."

While I was unaware of this, it makes sense that communities started to be planned and built with the goal of allowing cars and providing a suitable roadway system following World War II. This has resulted in numerous negative effects on both the environment and urban sprawl.

"Dominici, the lead scientist, said other research suggests that less access to health care and higher rates of health problems in general can increase the mortality rates within communities of color. "

This is noticeable worldwide, since disparities in healthcare outcomes and access have a major negative effect on numerous racial and ethnic minority groups. These issues must be resolved since everyone, regardless of race or socioeconomic background, should have access to healthcare. One way to reduce these differences is for everyone to support policies and initiatives that are meant to enhance health results.

"While indoor air pollution is considered a serious health threat, residents in Parramore also worry about the air quality outside. "

This is quite tragic because the pollution has a negative impact on people's health and makes them worry about the quality of the air both indoors and outside. Since the 2014 air quality test produced unreliable results, it has never been repeated, suggesting that no one seems to care about them either.

"The easier it is to walk and to interact with neighbors, the greater the number of spontaneous social contacts in a day and the greater the sense of community that can develop"

I agree with this as by creating a feeling of community and belonging, a neighborhood with open areas, accessible sidewalks, and places for people to walk and interact with neighbors may benefit both the community and the people who live there. Additionally, this promotes exercise, which has several health advantages.