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A presentation for Case 10 of the Baker Street Irregulars


Death of a Detective

Case 10

Death of a Detective. the situation


Sherlock has gone missing. The Baker Street Irregulars need to find him.

Key facts


We have found Dudley Fulcroft. We are currently trying to find Baroness Haisler, and the Hooks gang.

Where did we get to?

All introductions and solutions from 1889 are available. Hints are available after EC Area (-5 points per hint). No questions for this case. All 1889's newspapers may be used in this case.

SPecial Rules for Case


  • Where are the Hooks located?
  • Where is Baroness Haisler?
  • Where is Sherlock?


Problem statement



Nothing useful.

Central Carriage Stables

Recalled encounter with Jack Vane, treated his left kneecap that was shot.

Sherlock Holmes (DR WATSON)

Recalls speaking to Barones Heisler, she asked for books on sport in London.

LomaX (Librarian)

Langdale Pike

Death of a detective. informants

Pointed you to Mycroft Holmes, and to Martin Quigley (Baroness' coach).

Jasper Meeks

Nothing useful.


F: Mentions owner of 8 Lant Street,G + Y: Details of Jack Vane

National Archives

Pointed us to Susan North, knows about the Hooks gang


Seen Sherlock recently, provided us a letter from Ricardo to Simon (part of Dudley arc)



case study. Informants

Saw Sherlock on 10th September, knows that Hooks meet at HQ every fortnight.

Henry Ellis

Need a 'T' to access.


Death of a Detective. Newspapers

June 3, 1889

June 13, 1889

August 23, 1889

August 29, 1889

September 08, 1889

September 12, 1889

Introductory Text