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some insight gained from H&B's latest financial reports....

Compared to 2021, H&B's performance in 2022 has declined significantly

The two financial indicators chosen were H&B's annual operating profit and profit/ loss during 2021 - 2022. There was a 14.2% decrease from around £40,547 m in 2020-2021 to £34,782 m in 2021-2022 in Operating profit.There was a 15.3% decrease from around £40,547 m in 2020-2021 to £34,782 m in 2021-2022 in profit/ loss for the financial year.

The other key performance indicator investigated were the H&B's total sales volume. Compared with a rising sales volume of 12% during 2020 - 2021, the one for 2021 - 2022 shrank by a staggering 88%, which grew by merely 1.5%.

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Innovation ambition matrix

H&B Diary

Potential Dt solution in threefold:

Smart Cabinet

Implanted Chip



A combination of H&B diary, vitamin reminder, weight control, mental health and menstruation recording

Smart medicine cabinet and cooperate with hospitals

Physical condition examination chip within body

Improve and add value to the existing technology adoptions.Designed to provide more customized service

Seek opportunities to connect with more complementors

Develop new market and expand customer base driven by fierce competition