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Welcome 5th gRade



1. describe how narrator's point of view influences tone2. revise an opinion piece to include a quote 3. identify members of word families4. LEARN ABOUT YOUR OPINION SPEECH PROJECT!



CCA Norms:


Be respectful, responsible, safe and engaged! You can do it!

ELA spiral notebook, ELA 5 Activity Book (page 17), Reader's and Writer's Journal (page 119), The Road to Freedom (pages 37 to 44)

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Let's review!

Let's Read!

Read Chapter 7, pages 37 to 44, in The Road to Freedom.

A Closer Look

Next, reread sections more closely to understand the tone of the story. This will help you better understand the characters and how they feel.

Let's Watch! the Tone Nearpod on slide 6


word families

Word families are groups of words that are closely related in form and meaning.

opinion writing project

Begin planning an opinion speech about an injustice, or something you think is unfair in your community or in the world.

Let's learn more about our speeches!

Let's begin in classkick! Do your best work since we will be using this work to complete our speeches!