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Conspiracy theories

Fiction and reality

How did conspiracy theories impact the society ?




The Mandela Effect

Questions - The Mandela Effect 1. Give the information about the document (nature, author, date, title…) 2. Why is the effect named after Nelson Mandela ? 3. How can you define the Mandela effect with your own words ? 4. What examples are used to illustrate the Mandela effect ? 5. How does the internet influence people's beliefs ? 6. What did the study reveal ? 7. Can you think of a story impacted by the Mandela effect ?

You can choose the nature of your conspiracy theory : it can either be a real one that people actually believe in or one you completely invented. Your mission is to make it as believable as possible. Be convincing !You must : - Prepare a presentation- Present your theory = give as many details as possible- Choose a tone. You can be serious and neutral or adopt a humorous and mocking tone.

Final Task

Present a conspiracy theory in front of the class.

Present a conspiracy theory in front of the class.