Want to make creations as awesome as this one?


By Zahra Hussain




  • uncrewed (uses tele communications to be remote controlled with radio waves)
  • it is confined to the specified dimensions (because the claw is able to retract into the vehicle)
  • it carries essential supplies
  • it can distribute these supplies (because of the claw)
  • it can detect life forms (thermal camera sensor)
  • it can travel up to 80km (the hydrogen fuel cells and the backup solar powered panels) (the chosen wheels suited for any terrain)

This is my concept design for the humanitarian disaster releif project. it is a small un-crewed vehicle that carries emergency supplies (like bandages and food and sanitisation). it is based of a UGV and wall-e so it is a ground vehicle

hold supplies like watertablets, sanitation, food, bandages

bay door for supplies

hydrogen fuel cell as primary power souce, because it can easily be used for 80kmph, is more powerful than finite fules, and better for the environment as a renewable energy source

caterpillar tracks for difficult terrain. andr raised wheels for elevated places (like stairs)

solar powered panels as a back up power source

thermal camera sensor (to accurately detect humans) that has a pivotal system to see 360 degrees

claw hand has pivot system so it move 360 degrees

claw hand (to distribute recources and pull itself up from difficult terrain) that can fold into the space behind to keep to the limited dimensions



Technical Insight

what i learnt about the engineering process

I learnt about the 7 stages for an effective engineering desing (concept, research, imagine, design, test, reflect, and test) and how to use a software designing platform like CAD to effectively present ideas. Following the above process ensures you use trial and error for the most efficient final outcome

Personal Insight

what personal skills i developed

I enjoy engineering projects (working from a breif to find the best solution to a problem). In this course i developed my communication skills, taking ideas and critism from others to improve ideas. I need more practive in designing ideas using online software like CAD, for simple designs, and to use time more productively

Additional Information

extra knowledge research used

I researched the the time, cost, quality triangle for my design. They must be in equal balance, if one factor changes, the others must change accordingly. This ensures your design are worth the use of recourses, ensuring the most effecient version