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HE Coursework

Katie Dolan-3H

Iron Defiency Anaemia


Time Plan

2 Wraps and 1 Lime to serve.


Sprinkle of Dried Oregano

190ml Beef Stock

Sprinkle of Whole Black Peppercorns

Sprinkle of Cumin Seeds

1 Bay leaf

1 Chiplotle Chilli

1 Guajillo Chilli

1/2 Large Tomato

2 Garlic Cloves

1/4 White Onion

375g Beef Short Rib with bone.


Salsa:3 Tomatoes1/2 Red Onion1 LimeHandfull Coriander

+ info




Personally, my beliefs are that I was partly well organised, I had a very detailed time plan prepared, a utensil list and an ingredients list. I made the decision to pre measure my quantities for my ingredients and make my meal at home beforehand. When I made my meal at home, I made the decision to make the tacos yet instead of cooking the on the pan like I aimed to in school, I cooked them in the slow cooker, altering the process and meaning I had to make sudden changes. This inexperience led to me over cooking the beef and it not falling apart when pulled. I stuck to my time plan well, kept and organised desk and brought in the necessary decorations, however I did end up using a box provided by the school to bring my consommé home, my decision to bring a landscape box was poor especially as I only brought a towel to wrap around the salsa's container. I believe my skills were performed well, no flaws, cuts or burns happened and I constantly had an organised bench, dirty utensils to one side, clean to the other and a clean workspace in the middle. I am proud of my hygiene standards and my cutting skills, including cutting the beef against the grain. The outcome of my dish, was a mouth watering taco with an accompaniment of a delicious salsa and consommé, in my opinion the beef was a little over cooked as it didn't pull as easily as my practice, yet my family disagreed. My only regret about the plating was using a small plate creating a shadowy effect when having a picture, leading to a less colourful and appetising meal when seen on photo.


Two Measuring jugs. Red chopping board. Two vegetable knives. Saucepan and lid. Wooden spoon. Food waste bin. White chopping board. 2 Plates. Cooling mat. Slotted spoon. 2 forks. Basin. Drying cloth and a teatowel.

Utensils List:

My decision for this meal not only relate to well fare of the anaemic, it also includes practicality reasonings. My meal took roughly an hour and 45mins to prepare. I understand that this is a long time, yet most is made up of the beef cooking, meaning you can shorten the time and cook it in the slow cooker. This change would mean nearly anyone can make it, no matter how busy or for how many people. There could also be shortcuts towards making this meal, like purchasing a pre-prepared packet of salsa etc. My Beef Birria Tacos are an amazingly time flexible dish and really are the perfect choice for anyone. The skill level of this dish I would rate medium, it is no "gourmet" dinner, but it isn't just microwaving a frozen meal. This dish requires the skills of shredding beef, chopping beef, cuttting white onions, two sets of tomatoes, crushing garlic, making a salsa and a Birria sauce. The cook of this dish must be able to squeeze limes, as it is in the salsa and the tacos. These skills aren't too hard, yet they could be easier, however, there are solutions for a cook who struggles skill wise, they could buy pre-cut food items, pre-made sauces and lime juice. Cost is always an important factor when cooking, this meal costs just under £20, differing where you shop. This is quite an expensive meal, yet it serves over 5 people, you are able to save your leftovers and there is minimised waste. The tomatoes and limes ans used in both dishes meaning they will never go to waste. Money doesn't belong in the bin. The seasonings are rather generic seasonings, which many will have in their cupboards. If they don't they could buy spice mixes or use flavourings the do, the recipe is flexible. My decision of the unique chillis and expensive beef means the price is high, this is where the decision of money or health comes into play. The chosen beef is one of the highest in terms of iron contents, in my opinion meaning its worth the money, but if someone disagrees there are cheaper alternatives which contain good iron amounts too. The chillies are rather unique, upping the price, however, I understand people might not be able to find them in shops or afford them, this is why I chose such a flexible recipe, the cook can substitute the chillies for any and it will still tase similar, however obviously not the same. As I mentioned, the availability of the ingredients is poor, however, the beef is from NI and many ingredients are from countries near or with great trading deals. This means the price for exporting isn't too high. Yet, we can't forget all the seasonal ingredients like cumin, black peppercorns, corrainder and oregano, if you don't want to grow your own it is nearly guaranteed that a location in the UK does. Everyone will understand the flaws in prices and availability of ingredients when tasting my dish. The zingy juices of fresh lemon carry through from the dripping, crunchy tacos to the strong aromas of the crunchy, tangy salsa. Unique tecture of crunchy pomegranates and delicate oranges, create a texture heaven. The fruit salad's tropical, warm pink and orange tones create an impossible to drool meal. The crunches of the peppercorns, boost the everlasting flavour of the beef. The dark, succulent beef pairs well, with the fresh, crunchy, colourful fruit salad. A mysterious colour contrast, lures the consumer into eating the soft, delicate wraps and enjoying this delicious meal. Personally, I think the delights outweigh the problems of this meal, which can be easily avoided if you make simple swaps, once you take a bite if the palatable tacos, and dip it into the strong, meaty consommé you will agree.


When completing the written work, I think this was my stronger aspect. I developed a colourful, patterned display of coursework which I used checklists and compared to "The Ollie Project" to ensure it was an impeccable standard. Timing wise I completed in staggered throughout the week, balancing it out throughout exams. I think the research aspect shown through in my coursework, I had a list of each ingredient's Vitamin C and Iron contents and the percentage of the recommended amount in had. I don't think I could've put more research in, my only worry is if I didn't showcase my research enough when typing. I think my evaluation is rather detailed, this is because I found the justification hard to balance out when facts are too overwhelming and when they are not enough, and for this reason I believe there's almost a grey area where I didn't explain enough and an area where I over explained.

A person who suffers from Iron Deficiency Anaemia should consume a diet rich in Iron for an adequate production of red blood cells and Vitamin C. Vitamin C maximises the absorption of non-haem iron ( Iron which doesn't come from animal sources).Examples of foods with Vitamin C are citric fruits and examples of foods containing iron would be red meat and fortified cereals. Anemics must avoid tea and wholegrain foods, along with other foods which contains tannins and phytates, substances that limit the body's absorption of iron.

What an Anaemic needs.

In my meal I have decided to use white wraps instead of wholegrain, which are believed to be healthier in terms of the eatwell guide, I made this decision as a deficiency means different requirements in nutrients and for Iron Deficiency Anaemia this means limiting wholegrain carbohydrates due to the ingredient phytate being present, an ingredient which limits absorption. The wraps are a starchy carbohydrate and will provide the anaemic with energy, people who suffer with Iron Deficiency Anaemia can often have the symptom of tiredness ans fainting, including a carbohydrate will help prevent these.I have substituted ordinary beef with "Beef Short Rib With Bone" due to it's high contents of Haem Iron, 10.6mg. The RNI for teenage girls is 14.8mg. This substution means that 1 ingredient has accounted for 72% of the RNI for teenage girls. This meal's main ingredient is beef, a source of protein, for growth and repair. The choice of basing a meal not of a carbohydrate is controversial, yet I believe it is necessary as protein if filling and will help enormously towards the RNI. I chose the White onion as it contains 2mg of Vitamin C, which will help absorb the non-haem iron coming from the 4 vegetables in this dish. A white onion is a vegetable and even it's small portion will contribute to the Eat-well Guide for better health. The 1/2 a large tomato creates a delicious sauce yet it is extremely beneficial for an anaemic, it has an astounding 8.5mg of Vitamin C, this vegetable too counts to the Eat-well Guide, being "1 of you 5-a-day". The decision to include garlic cloves and chillies was mainly based on flavour and practicality, yet the garlic and chillies also accounts towards the vegetable section on the Eat-well Guide. Vegetables boost peoples health in many ways, proving this decision vital in any meal. The bay leaves and sprinkles of seasonings all appear in the dish due to flavour and practicality, yet in terms of nutrients it is important to have seasonings and flavour so the person with the deficiency is excited to eat it. My Beef Birria Tacos have approximately 12.74mg of Iron, my Beef Birria Tacos have over 84% of what a teenage girl's daily requirement of iron.


I have chosen to serve Beef Birria Tacos, with spicy, tangy chilli's, juicy, tender beef and hints of tomatoes, perppercorns and seasonings to accompany the fresh crunch of the onions. The tacos will be dished with a freshly chopped, refreshing fruit salad, this meal is aimed towards a person struggling with Iron Defiency Anaemia.



A person who suffers from Iron Deficiency Anaemia should consume a diet rich in Iron for an adequate production of red blood cells and Vitamin C. Vitamin C maximises the absorption of non-haem iron ( Iron which doesn't come from animal sources).Examples of foods with Vitamin C are citric fruits and examples of foods containing iron would be red meat and fortified cereals. Anemics must avoid tea and wholegrain foods, along with other foods which contains tannins and phytates, substances that limit the body's absorption of iron. My decisions for the salsa's ingredients were: the 3 large tomatoes would portion to 51mg of Vitamin C and 0.81mg of iron. The large tomatoes will boost the consumers health due to its minerals coming from it being a vegetable. The salsa had red onion, 8mg of Vitamin C, this is yet another healthy vegeatble, for wellness and health. The juicing of lime on-top of my dish contributed to 19.5 mg Vitamin C, as well as boosting flavour. The sprinkles of coriander made for an appetising, thrilling dish, a characteristic you need when cooking for someone. To accompany my tacos, I created a fruit salad which in total has 6.175mg Iron and 208mg Vitamin C, which is beyond the requirements of 75mg of Vitamin C. This means the non-haem iron will be properly absorbed, boosting the anemics iron levels. The fruit salad has 1 Orange, 1 Grapefruit, 1 Apricot, 1/4 Watermelon, 5 Strawberries and 1/4 Pomegranate. 6 fruits, 6 vital sources of vitamins and minerals , 6 amazing contributes to the Eat-well Guide. This was the healthiest accompaniment for any dish for an anaemic. Keeping in mind the tacos iron amounts and the fruit salads, we can see this choice of dish surpasses the Vitamin C requirements and iron.

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