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What does it mean for Indian food to be authentic?


What do you think about local Indian restaurants that are fusion/more Americanized?

For me, Indian food is very special compared to other cuisines. After living in India for a year, I have figured out that, for me, the authenticity comes from the food when it is cooked by my family.

Sophomore Savir Malhotra

Do you think local Indian restaurants around Cupertino serve authentic Indian cuisine?

It's in no way authentic Indian food, but that doesn't make it a bad thing. Although I don't like most of them personally, I can appreciate bringing together cultures together.

According to a survey of 66 MVHS students

I think it does. For a long time, I felt like I've been disconnected from India and its culture because I was raised in the US. I never truly learned my parents' native language Tamil, even if I can understand it, and there are so many things about the culture and traditions that I just don't know. The one part of Indian culture that I really feel connected to is the food, so I'm making sure that I learn as many of my mom's Indian recipes as I can in order to stay connected with my heritage, as well as ensuring that I always have the food of my childhood.

What is your favorite Indian food?

If you are ___



Non Indian

According to a survey of 66 MVHS students

Does having access to authentic Indian food affect your connection with your Indian heritage?

Senior Bharath Katchapalayam


According to a survey of 91 MVHS students

On average, students rated the tikki masala lunch that MVHS serves a:

Favorite Indian Foods:

  • pav bhaji
  • rice and gosht salan (goat curry)
  • chole batura
  • pani puri
  • bhindi sabjzi (stir fried okra)

Favorite Indian Foods:

  • butter chicken
  • garlic naan
  • biryani

Favorite Indian Foods:

  • sugar paratha
  • curry
  • roti


Indian cuisines are heavily influenced by the country's history, geographical location and the religious and cultural practices of its citizens. This map provides some background on the similarities and differences between India’s regional cuisines.

Sources: https://www.britannica.com/topic/Indian-cuisine, https://www.masterclass.com/articles/all-about-indian-cuisine-the-most-popular-dishes-and-where-to-start

This cuisine is dominated by thick sauces and rich gravies and is characterized by an increased use of dairy. Dishes are often eaten with yogurts and flatbreads such as roti, paratha and naan. Northern Indian cuisine also features non-vegetarian foods. Featured food: tandoori chicken

North India

Western Indian cuisine is often distinguished by three major regions: Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat.Goan cuisine utilizes pork and beef more commonly than other regional cuisines, which is in part due to its history as a colony of Portugal, influencing aspects of Goan cuisine today. Many Goan foods have a distinctive blend of Indian and Portuguese culinary elements. its coastal location, Goan dishes also commonly feature fish. Featured food: Vindaloo

Goa (West India)

Western Indian cuisine is often distinguished by three major regions: Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat.Maharashtrian dishes are often vegetarian, with Maharashtrian cuisine primarily containing lentil soup known as daal, roti and a variety of spiced vegetable dishes known as sabjis. Featured food: puran poli

Maharasthra (West India)

This region features foods with thinner sauces and coconut-based dishes. Foods are often eaten with rice, lentils, curries and various types of stews, including lentil-based stews. Featured food: sambar

South India

Western Indian cuisine is often distinguished by three major regions: Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat.Gujarat foods are primarily vegetarian, and many of its dishes have an underlying sweetness. Additionally, a distinctive feature of Gujarat cuisine is its use of spices, from the cardamom in chai to the chili peppers in curry.Featured food: dokhla

Gujarat (West India)

This cuisine is known for mildly sweet desserts. Its food also bears a strong influence from nearby countries, China and Mongolia. Dishes from this region are mostly lightly spiced. Featured food: rasgulla

East India