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South Africa

By: Grant Voehringer

Types of Economic Activites

Primary: South Africa has abundant natural resources such as coal, gold, and diamonds. They also have many crops throughout the country. This opens up many opportunities for jobs, such as being miners, and farmersSecondary: A lot of South America's economy is made from manufacturing of materials such as gas electricity, and water as well. In South Africa they also use their natural materials and make them into other things.Tertiarty: The main part of South Africa's economy is through trade and bartering. They trade many things such as precious metals, metals, chemical products, and crops.Quarternary: In South Africa they have great achievements in generating new technological innovations as well.

Type of Economy In South Africa

The economy of South Africa is mixed, because some of the country is a free market meaning that there is no control with the government, but some of the places are controlled by the governent meaning that is a command economy as well.

HDI Rankings

GDP Per Capita - $13,300Literacy Rate - 95%Life Expectancy - 65.6 yearsInfant Mortality Rate - 0.02499 or 24.99 deaths for every 1000 babies born HDI Score - 0.713

Is South Africa a MDC, NIC, or LDC

I believe that South Africa is an LDC, because it is not very developed. As shown in the previous slide the country has a low GDP per capita which means that the country is not very developed. It also has a low life expectancy which means that the country must not be that developed. They still do have a high literacy rate, but still I think that the country is and LDC by using the other facts.

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