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What type of economy do they have?

HDI Stats

Level of Development

Examples of Economic Activites

HDI Stats

GDP per Capita: $13,300

Literacy Rate: 95.33%

Life Expectancy: 65.25 years

Infant Mortality Rate: 23.573 deaths per 1000 live births

HDI score: 0.713

HDI rank: 109

South Africa has a mixed economy.

South Africa has a mixed economy

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I know because it allows some economic freedoms, but there is also some government control.

Level of Development

South Africa has one of the highest levels of development in Africa. While it isn't quite reliant on manufacturing like a NIC, it is better than an LDC but lower than an HDC.

Economic Activities

Primary: Mining, fishing

Secondary: Construction

Tertiary: Tourism, retail trade

Quaternary: Research, development