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Byways Group is pleased to announce that as a result of our continued development, all locations within the group have attained the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) Chain of Custody certification standards.

Vegetable ink is an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum or oil based inks. They can produce more vibrant colours and when used with recycled paper or board, vegetable inks will help to validate your ethical footprint, showing you care about the environment.

Processes such as embossing are still achievable. Where products are laminated, we can suggest the use of materials which are biodegradable so if they end up in landfill, they are broken down quickly and are not there for generations to come.

We can recommend sustainable substrates, including FSC certified boards, 100% recycled papers, and more eco-friendly materials such as cellulose.

Our sustainable woven labels can be produced using organic cotton...

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... or otherrecycledyarns.

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Our eco-friendly adhesive labels use specialised papers as a sustainable solution.

We can advise on and produce care labels that provide the appropriate guidelines about apparel care, and the cleaning methods for the fabrics used in your garments.And, if your business trades internationally, we can ensure your labels will meet local compliance guidelines.

Care Label Information

We'll use our unrivalled experience to advise you on a layout that best utilises space to reduce waste and provide sustainable solutions.

Care Label Layout

We stay on top of the latest legislative requirements and will advise where neccesary.This includes the recent introduction of Triman - a graphic that informs the consumer how to correctly dispose of both packaging and the end-of-life product.

Care Label Requirements

Our eco-friendly care labels are made using recycled polyester or recycled nylon and come in a woven edge or slit edge finish, depending on your preference.

Care Label Material