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let's start at the begnning before my slected leader took postion of the next president.

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Amlo as a Leader


  1. what legacy do you think he left?
  2. what were the major changes he did?
  3. do you think he is a good leader?


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  • Surname: AMLO
  • Born on november 13, 1953, (Age 69)
  • his is the 65th president of Mexico since decemeber 1st of 2018
  • His current wife is Beatriz Gultierrez and has four sons.
  • Amlo is alos indiegenous and african desecent
  • Tepetitan, Tabasco Mexico
  • National autonomous University of Mexico (political science degree)
  • Went against the previous President Enrique Peña Nieto two times
  • He was elected in 2000 to be the head of the government
  • He won with Morena party for 2018 elections which was his third attempt for presidency

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hosptials & health system

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  • Beside Enrique Peña Nieto who left 196 unfinished building
  • two former presidents who said the same thing have unfinished "projects"
  • one being Vicente Fox who left 3 medical units unfinished
  • before Enrique Peña Nieto was the former president Felipe Calderon who left 118 hospitals and clinics under construction
  • leaving all of this to AMLO to finished all of the three president’s "project" that they started but never finished

  • Got rid of the contracts that were 20 years, and instead bought the hospitals with an estimated value
  • This made a way that hospitals could be more affordable for those who couldn't afford even a simple checkup
  • invested billions a lot on new equipment and personnel for the hospitals and health centers
  • Health plans are now available to everybody
  • Finished 130 hospitals and health centers out of the 317 abandoned buildings

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  • Workers were getting over worked but never got their wages actually raised
  • Working extra hours just to make enough to pay rent and maybe a little bit of food
  • Poverty was getting worse
  • Employers would exploit them

  • Amlo promised them that things would change slowly but surely
  • incrased wages
  • He enforced the Labor laws
  • First: cut done government officals wages which were higher then the presidents paycheck
  • Second: deleted/ canceled what we call it “stupid Pension”
  • Third: give to the people the money from the pensions

Labor, wages, & pension

cutting the goverments wages

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  • Just like the US, Mexico also has three branches
  • Branches were earning more then the actual president
  • The constitution was overpowered by the government officials
  • No one followed anything anymore

  • No one trusted the government
  • amlo made it valid
  • Broke the cycle of being corrupted
  • Enforced many laws
  • Little by little fired everyone that didn’t follow the law/constitution
  • Those who got fired were replaced by the members of Morena
  • Morena had retired government officials that use to work under previous presidents

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  • Stupid Pension - a monthly check that goes to previous or former presidents. They had choose to do with this checks that is to donate it or keep it for themselves
  • 5 ex-president and two widows receiving these pay checks
  • 231,834,550 pesos per year were given to those former presidents and widows

  • Amlo announced that in order to make improvements he would remove the ex-presidents pensions
  • Raised wages
  • finally gave support in those in need
  • seniors pensions

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  • La escuela es nuestra is the program that AMLO made for those who can’t afford school
These program has three scholars:
  • Basic education
  • preschool
  • primary education
  • secondary education

  • Rebuild schools
  • Gave a bit more funds to school
  • Include bathrooms
  • Students didn’t need to work as much or even work anymore

School & Education


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Even though the year after this one he will step down from presidency he will leave someone who will continue what he had done so far. That person will actually even improve it much better then he has done. Most mexicans are cheering for this person to step up to become the new president of Mexico. We are rooting for her!

Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo

Hospitals & Health system

The 64th president of Mexico through Decemeber 1, 2012 - 30 November 2019. When he was president he promised many things to the people. He told Mexico that he would enforced labor laws, reform basic education, improve wages, improve and reduce memebers in the government, less corpution, more hostpials, etc.

Enrique Peña Nieto

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Labor laws, Wages, & Pension

School & Education