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OBE- Opening, Body, Ending

Presentation Structure Framework

Body Ending a speech can sometimes feel like the hardest part of planning your presentation structure. You ending should have one single focus: impact. Watch the video below and learn the basics of concluding a presentation and an in-person speech.

Main Point: The body of your presentation should start with a main point. You will need to decide what are the Main Points you would like to address in your presentation. This should help to refine/outline the purpose of your presentation. Follow your main point with relevant sub-points. Use the presentation preparation and structure checklist in the resources section to review recommendations for how to use the your main points/body to format your presentation.Transitions: Transitions aid you in connecting the dots for your audience in your presentation. Consider a transition after each main point in a presentation. Give your transitions careful consideration to create a storytelling effect in youur presentation. Example transitions include considerations, examples, an anecdote, correlations between main points or supporting data.


How to start a presentation effectively

Your audience will decide if they are engaged with your presentation in the first 30 seconds.Creating a captivating opening helps your audience connect and engage with you. A thought-through opening can help to captivate your audience and help you make it past the 30 second rule. Watch the video below and learn the best ways to open a presentation.