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Sunday, November 12th



We need to talk.

Erin <3

We need to talk.


13:49 ✓✓



This is the last time you make me go out with you.


13:49 ✓✓

Noo!! I thought I looked like this!

13:49 ✓✓

You're a horrible friend.


loooool cos I beat you in beer pong ... why you acting so serious...

13:55 ✓✓

13:59 ✓


You have been blocked. You can no longer sendmessages or texts to this contact.You are alone.


Meet Vanessa

Meet Vanessa (25), shes decided to go back to school five years too late in her mind. She is intimidated by everyone around her, does she know the right slang? Is it just cringe when she says something? She is an overthinker, but has massive FOMO. She always seems to say the wrong thing. She’s never had a boyfriend, except for the ones she claims she amassed when she was drunk that one time in Inferno’s. When Vanessa is drunk she is a completely different person. ‘Everyone is in love with me’ is one of her many used catchphrases. She spends money like she is the sucessor of Logan Roy, and refuses to look at her bank account the next day. She is tough on herself when she’s sober, so she uses alcohol as a way to get by, but she’s not an alcoholic! According to her.

Erin, 20

Meet Erin. She took a year off of her studies to travel around Asia. She is a first year student as well. Though Vanessa sees her as her bestfriend, Erin sees Vanessa as the girl that clung onto her on the first day of orientation. Erin has other friends, and has even found love since being back in London. Jacob is much older than her, but she likes the idea of an older man. Erin is a loyal friend, but isn't afraid to cut anyone off if needs be. Say one thing wrong and she will tell you. She is mature for her age, or at least that's what Jacob says. She is as cool as a cucumber, or thats what people think, but inside she is constantly worrying. She wants to make the right impression with everyone, this is the party of the century. Erin doesn't drink, so she is generally the desginated driver, which she doesn't mind. It's nice getting to know someone when they are drunk, they won't remember what she says in the morning!

Played by Esmeralda Maloufi

How Vanessa saw the night:

How Erin saw the night:

Director's Statement:

We all know what it's like to be a student for the first time again, it's daunting, no matter what age, if you drink you will have experienced some form of Hanxiety, whether it be from your friend the day after letting you know that you were white girl wasted, or from that 'you up text' you happened to send to your ex at 3am. This short film is to bring light to this subject. I have found myself regretting everything the day after, and staying in bed to recover, not only from the insane hangover, but from the major sense of embarrasssment when I look back onto the night. It is a light hearted comedy to let everyone know this is something we all go through. I hope it bring a smile to your day and the next time you get absolutely off your face you think of Vanessa, because even if you were the worst person last night, you can't have been as bad as Vanessa.

Ethical Considerations:

I understand showing off alcohol, and drinking in a light manner can come across as making light of alcoholism, and it could possibly teach people that though this is common, that is normal to drink irresponsibly. It is not normal to drink irresponsibly, whether it be in public or at home. There are many aspects to consider. I wanted to show how someone who drinks like this through the eyes of someone who doesn't drink at all, so though the first half may glamourise drinking, I sincerely hope the second half does not.

Location & Permits:In terms of locations and permits, we have a location of a student house where we will be filming, as the music will be added post production, it allows us to ensure we do not receive a noise complaint. Other locations are public, however we have contacted the local council who have given us permission to shoot in the Richmond area.

Safeguarding Ensure everyone on set is over the legal drinking age, as to ensure proper safeguarding measures are followed.There is also a scene in which Vanessa goes in for a kiss, I know that even if there is the pretense of kissing and physicial touch that there must be an intimacy coordinator on set, to make sure both the crew and the cast feel supported. I would not want my actors to feel uncomfortable during this shoot, and I would like things to go as smoothly as possible. Having worked with intimacy coordinators in the past has given me the experience to know when one is needed, and based on what I want to direct I think it would be responsible for an intimacy coordinator to be on board.


This story is aimed at comedy lovers, those who understand the difference beween a late night and a debaucherous one.This is aimed at those who are over the legal drinking age, and university students over the age of 18, as there are adult themes such as alcohol and alcohol misuse.There are no specifics in terms of gender of the target audience, but simply due to the cast it is very likely this will be more relatable for the female crowd. Especially the female crowd in London, as this is where this will be set, it will be in English with subtitles, so those who are hard of hearing are able to enjoy a short comedic watch.

Comparable Watches:

There are a few films that inspired this story, one of which being Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street, particularaly the scene where Leonardo Dicaprio's character Jordan Belfort attempts to drive home under the influence. At first the audience thinks he has gotten home without a scratch on his car, only for us to find out five minutes later that he crashed at every given opportunity.(406.9 million USD)

Other inspirations in terms of visual aid, are of course Petra Collins a photographer who inspired the visuals for the hit US drama Euphoria, which centres around addiction and the effects of drugs and alcohol. ($165 million)

The Wolf Of Wall Street


I also took inspiration from the movie Palm Springs where in Andy Samberg's character is living the same day, every day after being stuck in a timeloop, and so uses copious amounts of drugs and alcoholto survive until he find a companion. The colours used, are so calming and fun, which is the kind of story board I want for how Vanessa remembers the night.(1.5 million USD)

Palm Springs


From one party animal to another, Thank you for listening! I will now take questions!

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