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July 00, 20XX

By: Kaila J Mireles

issues in the U.S


CAUTION: some content might be very disturbing and very sensitive.

Gun Violence in Schools


how it started and why its such a big issue

why it simportant and why its rising


Domestic Violence

Why its an important issue and how it started

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It isnt an easy fix, but there are ways to try to prevent the violence.

" Guns are the leading cause of death for US children and teens, since surpassing car accidents in 2020" (Choi pagew 1), this is just in the US. School shootings have been getting out of hand. If you had a child and they were in school, would you want them to fear everyday that their school might be nects? No. This is why gun violence in school needs to be stopped. More people are killed with guns than in 0car accidents, and even suicide.

Washington post

- Why Gun Violence Needs To Be Stopped-

Gun Violence in Schools (origin)

Gun violence started in the 18th century by the europeans. They started as just a one on one murder weapons and duels, bt recently, they started to be used alot in school shootings. The most known school shooting was in 1999 from columbine high school, it is now 2023 and its still a problem in our nation. The leading cause for deaths for teens and children is firearms. Why? It's because they are more likely to get shot in a school shootiing than to even die from a car crash. In an article from washington post, it says, "There has been 389 school shootings since columbine " (washington post Page 1). You can tell from this that the rate of gun violence in schools have went up instead of down. School should be a safe plave instead of a place where kids fear to be in a class that could be shot at any minute from now, which is why it needs to be stopped.

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- How to stop Gun violence in schools-

  • background checks on all staff
  • reduce firearm access to the youth in and put of school
  • have a safe and secure gun storage
  • help kids with anger problems the right way

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Some of us just sit back and watch, or do nothing to help, but there are ways to help try to solve this situation. It wont be easy, becase if it was, it would have been solved a while ago. Here is a list of how we can help; - Be a witnessWitness the voilence happen so when they try to take the abuser to court, they can have you to back them up. - Call the policeIf you file a report of abuse, it will be easier for the police to arrest the person the next time that you call them for the same thing. - Offer the victim shelter The victim will be able to feel safe knowing that the abuser wont be able to find them. They will also get s sense of support, and with it, find the strength to leave.

People abuse to maintan control over the person. The victim stays because they feel as if they are helpless in the situation and cannot control what happends. Abuse in a relationship could start off by simple red flags that we need to catch. This is important to fix because it is bad for people to feel bad like they can't escape anything. Mental health is already at a downfall in this society, and domestic abuse makes suicide and homocide rates go up. IF you have seen, some significant others even kill their partners on "accident" just because they were upset, or not in a good state of mind.


- Why Domestic Violence Is Important-

Domestic Violence origin

Domestic violence has been with us for a while. It was first seen in the Rome when the wife was said to just be the property of the husband. In rome, a man could beat, divorce, or even murder his wife and not get in trouble because the wife was just a "thing". "As police officers, we are called upon a daily basis to deal with domestic problems" (Davis domestic abuse report page 2), this is said by an officer as a bad thing. Domestic abuse is one of the things that keeps fear in the world alive. Its not just in a male beating a female, it's also a female beating a male. If you have seen Heard vs. Depp, you can see that its also a woman who can abuse a man, man abusing female is just the most common. It is said that 1 in 4 women are killed due to abuse, but 1 in 7 men are killed by abuse from their partner.

-Solutions For This Problem-

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Inflation is importants because it can reduce the value of investment returns (PIMCO page 1). It also helps with fixed incomes and the incomes of all workers (PIMCO page 1). Even though you see negative in the inflations, there are also benefiits of it. For example, they allow borrowers to have more time to pay their loan back instead of making them in debt. They also "help with production when the economy isn't running at its full capacity" (NVESTOPEDIA page 2). Alot of people benefit fro inflation, like debtor, homeowners, and some workers.


- Why Inflation Is Important-


Inflation means how much more expensive things are over time. It rises when the people who make good eceed their ability to make more, which is why we have to pay more for it. In 2023, inflation started because of supply chain crisis, which was caused by the pandemic from COVID-19. Since then, it has been increasing prices on everything.

-Solutions For This Problem-

Inflation cannot be fixed completely, but it can be controlled. WE can control inflation by "raising and lowering short term interest rates" (PIMCO page 4), this can help fix the pace of the economic activity. The government tries to fix inflation by raising taxs and reducing spending.


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