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Winter Break

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mrs. foxwell, MA,NCC
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Your CCA School Counselors!

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December Drop-In Day

Come and Join us as we learn more about Generosity!Event will be held on December 15th! It's a fun-filled lesson and a great time with your school counselor and other students. To sign-up for the December Drop-in Day click HERE.

Kindness is forall-year long!

Small acts of kindess are an important way to practice kindness during the holiday break and all year long. Look for ways to help and encourage those around you.

Click HERE for a fun Kindness Calendar for the month of December!

Winter Family Traditions

We would love to see and hear about all the wonderful things that your family does during this time of the year. Click HERE to post your fun, family traditons on the Padlet so we can all get to know one another and celebrate the winter season!

K-2nd Grade Recess(11:30-Noon)with Mrs. F


3rd-5th Grade Recess(11:30-12:15)with Mrs. J

Recess will be held every TUESDAY Please click the link below to sign up for recess!

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School Counseling Services

A School Counselor's primary responsibility is to promote all students' academic, career, and social/emotional development by developing a Comprehensive School Counseling Program. School Counseling Programs help learners develop learning strategies, self-management, and social skills for lifelong success. Small group counseling: The elementary school counselors will run small groups with 6 to 10 students on various topics as an intervention for certain students. Small groups allow students to relate, learn and develop positive relationships with other students who may be struggling with the same issues. Past small group topics included self-regulation, coping skills, self-esteem, and grief. Individual counseling: Students and caretakers can reach out to their counselor anytime with personal, social, or career questions! We can provide a variety of tools to help students achieve their goals. We can provide brief short-term counseling. Virtual Recess: This time is for learners to socialize with each other in a controlled and monitored setting. There will be time for learners to chat with each other and participate in games or activities facilitated by the School Counselor. It is a time for learners to have a little fun, socialize, and practice social skills.

What Services do School Counselor's Provide?

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Take a moment to grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea and gather around our virtual kitchen table. This is a time for Family Mentors, Caretakers & Learning Coaches to listen to our guest speakers and share together. Feel free to drop in at any time during the session and stay as long as you want. There is always time for “Coffee Talk”!Click HERE for the link.

Coffee Talks


WE HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY WINTER BREAK!!Break is: Thursday, 12/21/2023-Tuesday, 1/2/2024 We will look forward to seeing everyone back at CCA on January 3, 2024!

Then: In the past, we used the term "Guidance Counselor" because counselors "guided" students towards their college and career by providing letters of recommendation, sending out transcripts, etc. Now: School counselors are highly trained mental health professionals providing a comprehensive preventative program that supports ALL students' academic, personal-social, and career needs.

Why School Counselors?