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School Improvement Team

Sample PLC Agenda

November Focus: UDL and PLCs


Every Victory, Every Day

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November 2023 Newsletter

Professional Learning communities at CCA

Resources from the Subcommittees

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PLCs (The WHY behind a Rolling agenda)

How does our work align with this work? Why is my PLC essential? Why is UDL effective in meeting this goal? Click the icon to find out!

Living our why?

Celebration DataAll Content and Program Specialists at CCA have adopted and implemented a consistent rolling agenda to drive meeting productivity!

Professional Learning Communities

Universal Design for Learning

  • PLCs provide teachers regular opportunities to review and evaluate classroom data.
  • Teachers build data literacy and make data driven decision that posititvely impact learner outcomes

  • Planning with standards allows teachers to develop plans that meet individual learner need during universal instruction (Tier 1).
  • Incorporation of UDL into every day practices, results in increased learning engagement and academic growth.

Making the Connection

Goal Governing Action steps:

By June 2026, through the increased focus on student self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making competencies, 70% of students in grades K-5 will be classified as on track or working ahead for engagement in course completion via edio dashboard analitics.