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- Circle in the middle of the cell -protects the DNA

-Circle in the middle of the cell -Protects the DNA

-Phospholipid Bilayer

-So mRNA can leave the nucleus

-Circle inside the Nucleus -Helps make Ribosomes

-Attached to nucleus and has Ribosomes on it -Folds polypeptide chain into a protein

-Attached to Rough ER -has no ribosomes Makes lipids

-looks like Smooth ER; but Not attached to Rough ER -Modifies and packages protein

-Vesicle; membrane filled with acid -breaks down things to be recycled-food, viruses, ect. -Assists with Apoptosis

-Vesicles -store mostly water

-Vesicle -Get's protein out of cell

-vesicle -Get's protein to Golgi Apparatus

-Strings -help in structure of cell and shape, also helps with getting stuff around

-Breaks down food for energy, like glucose

Outer Membrane

Inner Membrane