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change the curriculum

This image represents the struggle our society faces today with a curriculum that doesn't aid to every individual. The image illustrates the outdated, standardized, and non traditional curriucm that is in need of change being used as stepping stones to crate a curriculum for all.


The problem with the education starts with the curriculum. The students seen in this image are not seen and recognized in todays curriculum.

Transforming these outdated curriculums into a stepping stone to bettering the curriculum will aid to letting minorities see themselves in an education that is currently failing them.

Changing the curriculum into something that is prideful, non-traditional, creative, and relevant.

This type of curriculum will be a collaborative effort in involving the community, parents and students to help each individual be seen within the school environment.

What are you doing to change this?

Being a future teacher it is essential to aid cultural responsiveness, balancing perspectives, inclusivity, respecting community values, and academic rigor. As well as recognizing cultural backgrounds and identities of students.